Babywearing: Double Hammock

Of all the carries out there I think the double hammock is my favorite.  It’s the carry that I do about 90% of the time and I find it to be the most comfortable.  There is many different variations of the double hammock but the classic, original double hammock (also known as the Chunei Back Carry) is what I tend to gravitate towards most often.  It’s not a terribly hard carry to accomplish and can done with a wide range of sizes depending on your size.  I can eek out a double hammock tied in front with a long 4 so that might give an idea on sizes for yourself.


Besides being supportive it’s also a very flattering carry.  Some carries can make your boobs look less then stellar but the Double Hammock does a nice job of not squashing your boobs into unnatural positions.  It also looks really impressive with wraps that have gradations.

Happy Babywearing!

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