Birds and Bees Teas {Review}


I drink a lot of hot tea. In fact, we drink so much hot tea  at my house, every time my 2.5 year old sees a coffee mug he screams “HOT TEA!” whether there’s hot tea in it or not.  I wouldn’t say I’m a tea connoisseur by any means but I know a good cup of tea when I taste it. Most of my life has been spent limiting myself to bagged tea because I was intimated by loose leaf. Big mistake.

I received a cute  package in the mail from Jen (owner of Birds and Bee Teas) and was impressed from the start with the cute packaging. Many people might not care about this stuff but I love packaging. Everything from the stationary, to the brochure, the samples and the tins were just adorable. Even if the tea was awful (which it is NOT, let me assure you) I would still love it for the packaging.

See? Adorable.

Birds and Bees Teas is a Denver based company that specializes in pregnancy and postpardum teas. You can buy in stores or online. It looks like just about 3 dozen retailers carry the tea in stores so check out their website to find out if there are any near you! If there isn’t a store nearby their website is easy to navigate and super duper cute.

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 I tried 4 out of the 6 teas.

The first tea I tried was Our Lady of La Leche. This is fantastic for breastfeeders! I am an exclusive pumper and under producer so naturally, I wanted to start drinking this right away. I had tried other milk production enhancing teas and I hated them all. Fennel, to me, is one of the yuckiest herbs out there. Go figure that’s one of the herbs that helps increase supply. Since this was my first time using loose leaf tea I didn’t have one of those fancy infuser baskets so luckily a muslin bag is included with all tins. For those of you who have tried milk production teas, most of you will agree with me that they are barely drinkable. This was actually good! I repeat: This was good!


Ingredients: Nettle Leaf, Alfalfa Leaf, Marshmallow Root, Fennel Seed, Fenugreek Seed, Astragalus Root


Nothing like trying out this tea while pumping ;)

The second tea I tried was Ripe and Ready, which is a raspberry leaf tea. I have had several brands of raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy and they were good, but nothing on this level. THIS IS SINGLE HANDEDLY THE BEST TEA I HAVE HAD IN MY LIFE! I am not exaggerating. I will be purchasing this is bulk and I will be drinking it I’ve had this tea 1-3 times a day since the moment it arrived. Obsessed!!! It’s the perfect blend of fruity and spicy. 

Look how pretty this is!

Ingredients: Raspberry Leaf, Hibiscus Petals, Rose Petals, Cinnamon Bark, Allspice Berries, Crystallized Pineapple

Ingredients: Raspberry Leaf, Hibiscus Petals, Rose Petals, Cinnamon Bark, Allspice Berries, Crystallized Pineapple

Another tea Jen sent was the Family Immunity. This was super yummy. I brewed a cup of hot tea for me and my 2.5 year old son had it poured it over ice. He loves Family Immunity  and it made me feel good I was helping boost his immunity. We’ve been using elderberry syrup since he was born but we’ve never had it in it’s dried form. This is the PERFECT tea for cold and flu season.

Ingredients: Elderberry, Astragalus Root, Rosehips, Goji Berry, Cinnamon Chips.

Ingredients: Elderberry, Astragalus Root, Rosehips, Goji Berry, Cinnamon Chips.

Last night I finally tried the last tea Jen sent, Easy Naps and Calm Nights. The ingredients in this blend are: Oat Seed, Chamomile Flowers, Skullcap Leaf, Linden Leaf and Flower, Lavender Flower and Orange Peel. I’ll be honest with you, this was my least favorite of the teas. This was not surprising to me since the ingredients in general are not my favorite. However, this doesn’t mean it’s “bad” tea. Everyone has different tastes. Just like some prefer a vodka martini over beer (raises hand) some of you may love this one and not like (THE BEST TEA OF ALL TIME) Ripe and Ready. 😉

The other two teas they carry are Light Hearted, which is a heartburn tea (where was this during my pregnancy?! I had no idea there was such a thing) and Peaceful Pregnancy, which contains a lot of good ingredients for you preggos out there.

Okay, for those of you who read my posts, you know I’m always real with you. This is about to get super real. To give you an example of how real this is about to get check out this gorgeous selfie. This obviously isn’t edited and has no Instragram filter (hashtag no filter). This is me drinking my Our Lady of La Leche tea looking haggard, un showered and exhausted after a hard day as a mom. I’m pretty sure I snapped this after my 5th pump of the day. IMG_8698As I am typing this post I am drinking a steaming cup of Ripe and Ready and I may or may not have ate a whole sleeve of shortbread Girl Scout cookies….. This is the best tea I’ve had in my life. Birds and Bees Teas has opened up my eyes to the wonderful world that is loose leaf tea. I was so excited, a few days after Jen sent me the tea, I went to the mall to buy a diffuser from a popular loose leaf tea store. I don’t want to name names but this store may be owned by the same company as my favorite coffee chain. They had a few samples in the store I tried and they all tasted way too strong and artificial to me. The salesperson was very good at his job and got me to purchase a tin of white peach tea. Let’s be honest, it’s shocking to see the price of loose leaf when you’re used to buying it bagged at the store. I had no idea at this point how much Birds and Bees Teas cost since Jen sent me the tea as a gift for Lola’s arrival. Compared to that popular mall retail store’s prices, Jen’s prices are very reasonable for what you get. Let’s get back to the white peach tea I bought. It is horrible. I can’t even describe it but it’s just not good. Way too strong and way too artificial tasting. I even tried a tiny pinch of the white peach tea in my Ripe and Ready and it was still not that great. Birds and Bees Teas is amazing. You need to go on their site, find the nearest store and buy it. It’s totally worth the money and you know you’re buying from a company that uses the best natural and organic ingredients.

***PS- Birds and Bees Tea did not pay me for this review. If I did not like the product, I would tell you.


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