Boosters Are For Big Kids (and sometimes adults)

When people learn for the first time that most kids NEED to be in boosters until around 12 years old (and some even longer)…many people flip out.

“12 years old?  That’s ridiculous!”

“how embarrassing for that poor child”

“your scarring your kids for life and setting them up for major bullying in school”

“that’s totally unnecessary”

I will admit, I was also one of those people when SquishyKid #1 was a baby.  In fact he was forward facing at 1, and if you had told me that  I would have a kid in a booster seat as a teenager…I probably would have told you that your room in the nuthouse was waiting for you.  It never even occurred to me why a child that old would need to be in a carseat.  Or that it was actually incredibly necessary for the vast majority of children…and even some adults!

This is me….a (almost) 31 year old adult.  I am 5’3 and have a short torso.  Do you see how the seat belt fits me?  The shoulder belt is literally lying across my neck and the lap portion is on my abdomen.  This is in my 2005 Sante Fe with no fancy schmancy multi-directional electric seats.  The seat is up as high as it goes, the belt height adjuster is as low as it goes…and yet I still don’t fit in it like I should.  I am not as safe as I should be while in the car.  Clearly as you can see, the belt would probably injure me greatly if we were in an accident.  How do we expect children who are in general MUCH smaller then I am to be safe in the car when a seat belt can’t even fit a full grow adult right?  THIS is why booster seats exist.

Hi my name is Alyssa, I am a 31 year old women and if there was a booster seat I could use I would absolutely use one.  Seriously people, this isn’t about pride, or embarrassment, or even trying to keep our kids from growing up.  Seat belts were literally NOT designed to fit short people in many makes of cars.  Adults and kids a like.  When I posted this photo on Instagram the multitude of women who commented with “this is how it looks on me”..”I need a booster too!” was INSANE.  Not only do we have many children whose seat belts don’t fit them properly….but we have MANY adults too!  Come on carseat manufacturers…make belt positioning seats for the average weight adult…there’s a market, people would buy them!  You could give me commission!!!!!!!!

But wait?  Are you 60 inches or less and weigh 120 lbs or less?  Guess what moms….there’s a seat for you!  New to the market this year is the Safety 1st Incognito Kid Positioning Seat.  Notice it’s not called a booster seat, but it’s called a positioning seat.  Which is just what it does, it positions those occupants (who might be 9,12,14,15….45 years old) into a position so the seat belt fits them as it should.  It’s a pretty kickass little seat, and I am really really proud of Dorel for making this seat in the first place.  Look at this thing….this thing is RAD and if you get it to match your interior most people probably wouldn’t even realize it’s there.  Embarrassment factor has gone POOF, right out the window!


So really all this ranting is trying to say is….keep your kids in boosters until they fit in the seat belt PROPERLY which means that the shoulder portion is NOT lying across their neck but lays across the chest and falls between the neck and the shoulder…and that the lap portion is low on the hips and upper thighs and not on your abdomen.

Safe Travels

(If your wondering about the things on my arms they are Sloomb Arm Woollies…buy some, they will change your life)

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