Breastfeeding. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.


I’ve only been breastfeeding for 5 weeks now but it sure didn’t take long for me to discover the good, the bad and the ugly. Since I am exclusively pumping my good, bad and ugly might be a little different than those who nurse but there are several commonalities across the board. Here they go….

The Good.

  • This one is pretty obvious. Your breast milk is the perfect milk for your baby. I feel pretty good knowing that LJ is being fed mommy milk. Breast milk helps protect against illness and allergies. It is the perfect amount of nutrients for your baby. That alone is pretty damn amazing.
  • It burns calories! Whoooohooooo! You wouldn’t believe the insane amount of food and dessert I’ve been eating since LJ’s birth. It’s embarrassing. I’m hungry non stop. I was already down 20 pounds from the weight I was at before I got pregnant and when I weighed myself last night I lost another 2 pounds! My diet consists of mainly dessert. How does that happen? Needless to say I’m pretty thrilled about this one.
  • Bonding. Since I exclusively pump I haven’t really experienced this but I hear it’s a pretty awesome bonding experience. The few times she latched for a second in the hospital without screaming her head off was pretty cool.
  • Cost. If you nurse, feeding your baby is FREE!!!! YAY!!!!  Unless you’re renting a hospital pump (like me), buying milk storage bags (like me), supplements to increase your supply (like me), oh and bottles (like me) it’s totally free! But even after renting a hospital pump for $60/month and milk storage bags ($30ish) it’s still cheaper than buying a good quality, organic formula that is $25 a pop. I wasn’t sure whether to put this one in The Good column or The Bad since for me it’s not really that free, but it is for most so I put it here.

The Bad.

  •  Not being able to be away from your baby or breast pump for more than 2-3 hours. I don’t like being away from my baby that long anyways but going out with your significant other on date night or going on a long shopping trip, or heck, going to work is much more difficult.
  • Sore nipples. This needs no explanation.
  • The complete un-sexiness that is breast pumping. Only pumpers will get this one. Now I know nursing is beautiful and when your significant other sees this he will most likely be filled with love and admiration that you are nourishing your child. Pumping is a little different. Having your significant other see your nipples being pulled painfully through plastic flanges while hooked up to a loud and annoying machine isn’t helping your sex life any.

 The Ugly.

  • Exclusively breastfed poop. WOW. No one prepared me for that one. My last kiddo was a soy formula baby so his poop was solid and not super gross up until he started eating table food. I wasn’t prepared for the mess that is breastfed poop. It is a strange yellowish color, sometimes seedy (what the whatttt?) and pretty much pure liquid. We have had several poop-spolsions and projectile poop incidents.
  • Leaky boobs. This gem almost belongs  in The Mega Ugly column. The vain of my existence right now is leaky boobs. When I leave my house I need THREE breast pads in my bra. I sleep on a freaking towel so I don’t have to wash my bedding every single day and my whole house reeks of breast milk since I leak pretty much everywhere. It’s not fun. I honestly feel like everything i own is covered in milk.

Despite the bad and the ugly breastfeeding is totally worth it. I’m so happy I made the decision to do this.

Does anyone want to share some of their good, bad and ugly stories?


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