Buckle Bopper!

Are you one of the approximate 290,000 Americans with some form of arthritis? Do you have hand weakness and find it difficult to unbuckle your child (or grandchild) from their carseat?   The maker of the Buckle Bopper had just this very problem, and so the Buckle Bopper was born.  When Xza and I came across this accessory at ABC, I was intrigued.  I could see how there was a niche market for this product and for those people who really needed something like this, it was a miracle invention.  Since that time, the Buckle Bopper has been picked up by some major  chain stores so will be available nationwide in a big box store for all those people who need it.  YAY for you guys!

For myself,  I don’t have any problems with my hands but my 7 year old has always had a problem getting the buckle part open himself.  When I saw how this product worked I knew it would be PERFECT for him to make getting himself out easier.  Now, it takes him 2 second to get out of his seat, and it’s saved us the hassle of having to unbuckle him ourselves.  I think every car needs a Buckle Bopper.  The folks at Buckle Bopper were also super kind and sent quite a few Buckle Boppers to be given away at MommyCon Vegas.  It was super great to introduce this awesome product to our MommyCon attendees.


Easy peasy!

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Want to purchase one now?  They are on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Buckle-Bopper-Seat-Belt-Aid/dp/B00A4PL7VM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1361209038&sr=8-1&keywords=buckle+bopper

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  1. Erika Donaghy -  February 22, 2013 - 10:44 pm

    Alyssa, thank you for this review! I have CMT, Charcot Marie Tooth Syndrome, that affects not only my ability to walk but also the strength of my hands. My mother also has arthritis. While I can get the buckle open with a little pain, she can’t open them at all. I’m ordering this on my next Amazon shipment. I’ve always worried what would happen if she had to get my kids in and out of a vehicle for some reason.

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