Amanda’s Top 5 Cleaning Tips

I love a clean house, who doesn’t? It really bothers me when my house is messy and cluttered. Which…. it is most of the time so I guess I’m always bothered! 😉

When I was growing up, Saturdays were always cleaning days. My mom and dad are serious clean freaks. I’ll never forget my mom telling me my dad would notice when she didn’t wipe down the underside of the bathroom faucet. Everything from dusting to floors, to showers…ect was done. Every.Single.Week. Without fail. Me on the other hand, my bathrooms get a good cleaning every other week. My showers get done once a month… Some how I missed the clean freak gene.

My dad seriously asked me the other day where I get my messiness from. I guess I just don’t feel the need to spend half my life cleaning up after my husband, 2 year old and myself. I have better things to do. (like going on Facebook and Instagram in my spare kid-free time, duh!) I feel constant pressure from my parents to have a clean house. They live 1/2 mile away and like to stop by unannounced a lot. Most of the time after they leave I feel ashamed. I had to ask my mom to give me a little notice when they planned on stopping by. I know my husband gets annoyed with me sometimes. I am not the sole one in charge of cleaning the house. I have a job too. Therefore, household chores should be split. He does a great job doing things around the house. I’ve very very grateful.

While my house is a hot mess a lot of times, it’s really not that bad. I sell real estate and have seen hundreds of houses. I have come to realize it could be worse. Wayyyy worse. I’ve seen things in homes that cannot be unseen.  I was at a listing appointment one time and I thought the counter was white with marble looking swirls… Nope, it was ants. Last week I left a home with cracker crumbs and some kind of sticky mess all over myself from their kitchen table. It made me feel a little bit better about my housekeeper skills.

I had a housekeeper for quite awhile. I hate calling her a housekeeper or cleaning lady because she was so much more to me than that. She was the mother of a dear, dear friend. Cheryl came once a week for 2-2.5 hours and made my home sparkle. Just because I don’t have a perfect house, doesn’t mean I am not a perfectionist when it comes to cleaning. I notice EVERYTHING. She paid so much attention to detail. I constantly told her she was the best part of my week. I wasn’t kidding either. When I got home from work on Tuesdays and my house was spotless. When I smelled  Murphy’s Oil Soap, vinegar and lemon I was in heaven. Cheryl passed away unexpectedly about 2.5 months ago in a tragic car accident.  I miss her. Besides missing her smile and caring, loving nature, I miss my clean house. That may sound a little selfish but she really did play a huge role in my life. She made me feel good about coming home and took so much stress away. I haven’t and probably will not hire someone else to help me. It’s a trust issue I think. Plus I need to stop being a lazy ass and clean my house myself!

Here are a couple of my fav cleaning tips. Two are for homemade cleaning recipes. I prefer to use a more natural cleaner. When you get done cleaning your shower and your throat BURNS, stop using that product. Lol. Switch to something that isn’t pure chemical.


Equal parts of BLUE Dawn dish soap and vinegar. Our last home had super super hard water. This home does t0o but not nearly as bad. My shower always looked a hot mess. It looked dingy and dirty no matter what I did. It was a brand new home when I moved in so it’s not like there were years of gross build up from the people before us. The only other thing that kinda worked was a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Do you have any idea how long it takes you to remove soap and hard water scum off your tub with a Magic Eraser? HOURS! When I saw the Pin on Pinterest with this recipe I decided to give it a try. Literately MAGIC. Take a spray bottle, put equal parts of blue (yes it needs to be be blue) Dawn dish soap and white vinegar. Gently swish it around so it’s mixed. Spray it generously all over your tub/shower. Let it sit about an hour. Come back wipe, and rinse with water. It looks like a brand new tub. If you have really bad build up you can use a scrub brush. My shower isn’t bad enough right now to do it and show you a clear difference so here is the pic from Pinterest. This picture does NOT exaggerate.

This pic is the original pin I pinned off Pinterest. Not my pic.

This pic is the original pin I pinned off Pinterest. Not my pic.

2. Tile Floor Cleaner

Fill up your bucket 2/3 full with warm/hot water. Add 1/2 cup white vinegar, 1/2 cup baking soda and a squirt of blue Dawn dish soap. This works really well on tile. I haven’t tried it on linoleum since we don’t have any in our home but I bet it works just fine too.



3. Wood Floor Cleaner.

No big secret here- Murphy’s Oil Soap. I love love LOVE the smell of this. I fill up my bucket and add a little Murphy’s soap. Nothing cleans hardwood better than this in my opinion 🙂


4. DIY Swiffer Wet Mop Cloths

Stop wasting your money on the throw away Swiffer wet mop cloths. It’s all chemical. When I used to buy them I would have to go through at least 3, plus it left a sticky residue. Why not make your own? Take a dishcloth sized wash towel, dunk it in your mop bucket and use it instead. Works like a charm.


5. Stop feeling like you have to do everything yourself. You don’t! 

I feel like there is a lot of pressure for women to have a clean home, cook healthy food, raise your kids, work…ect. It’s just too dang much. Get some help. If you have a significant other, make him/her help. Does your mom want to come over and help? LET HER! If it’s in your budget, hire someone to come help. Let me make something clear, we’re not super high rollers by any means. I had to make sacrifices to hire a housekeeper. It was worth it to me to cut our weekly eating out budget down to next to nothing to have a clean house.


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