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Swimming season is coming quickly to an end, however we have an amazing carrier we want to tell you about. Its a mesh water sling from Comfy Joey.

When I began shopping for water slings I googled, “Mesh Water Slings”. It came up with a few different companies and after checking them out I was sold on Comfy Joey. The website is superb; tons of pictures and lots of options to suit styles for everyone. They have wool, linen, hand dyed, even doll carriers, bags, and pouches. Comfy Joey slings are price comparable too. They range from around $60 to over $300 for the gorgeous cashmere sling. I also love that the website has detailed instructions with pictures for all types of carry’s in a ring sling.

Image 2013-07-28

The mesh slings come in beautiful bright colors; pink, purple, orange, yellow, blue, black and white. The price is higher than some other sling makers, but I was willing to dish out $10 extra bucks for a well made carrier. I was also very impressed at how quickly Comfy Joey’s customer service is. I not only received my sling within the said 5-7 business days but I was also given an instructional dvd that was VERY informative. Also, they have sizes available and an easy to understand guide in choosing your size. This is so helpful if you prefer a shorter or longer tail.

Now, my little man recently decided he didn’t need me in the pool anymore. Being a big 2 year old he realized he could do it all himself with his floaties on. I was quite bummed, but let him explore his new found courage and I didn’t try the sling out right away. I finally was able to test it out yesterday and we LOVED it!!

Owen loves to “go for a ride” in the carrier so he was fine with putting it on. One thing I immediately noticed was how perfect of a carrier this is for super hot weather, not just swimming. Whether toting around a toddler or an infant this carrier is mesh so obliviously very breathable. Although it is just mesh, I easily toted my 27lb child around the pool and into the water. The sling supported him and I didn’t feel the need to hold his bottom or back. I did notice that as I drifted into deeper water the sling loosened a bit, but no where near enough for him to slip out or feel unsafe. It was an easy tug of the tail to tighten it up and away we swam. After swimming, I draped it over a pool chair and within 10 minutes it was dry so I could pack it back in our pool bag!!

photo (1) photo (2)

I really do enjoy this sling, although I wish I had had it last year for when Owen was smaller. It will get some use for baby #3 whenever that may be. I will also try it out when Owen gets sick as he loves showers with momma when he doesn’t feel good.

NOW, for your chance to WIN!! Comfy Joey has given us not one, not two, but THREE $25 off coupons for anything in their store. That means we will have 3 different winners! Don’t hesitate, click the link below and enter to win!!

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Disclaimer: I was sent a Comfy Joey sling to review. My opinion is completely my own, and in no way affected by this. If I didn’t like it, I would have said so.


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