I’m blessed to have good neighbors.

Our neighbors from the trailer park are wonderful. Chris and Rex are super sweet. Chris has watched the twins so Jed and I could go on occasional dates or so I could go to doula training. They take care of our chickens and our dog when we are gone on trips. Chris also helped me clean our new house on the farm. She’s an incredibly hard worker and such an honest, sweet woman.

Our new house is next door to Sandi and Phil’s farm. Last summer we picked fruit in their orchard in exchange for a portion of the crop. My children got to be outside, to crawl around on the grass and to eat clover and sticks and pears straight from the tree. Now we are actual next door neighbors to Sandi and Phil. Sandi also helped clean the new house before we moved in, Phil did a few handyman things for me, and Sandi took the kids for a walk in her wagon yesterday (giving me a much needed break). They’re good people and good neighbors.

Sandi also introduced me to Bob and Barbara, who live about 1.5 miles down the canyon. Bob saw that the borders on our field needed re-disced and came and just did it for us. It was an incredibly thoughtful thing to do and made me feel like part of a community instantly. Bob and Barbara are part of a co-op of local producers here in Las Palomas that was organized by Sandi. We are too, now!

Not to mention my parents and Jed’s dad and his fiancĂ©e. We are living here with Mark and Rhe (purchasing the farm together) and my dad helped build our awesome new stair rail. We are beyond blessed and know without a doubt how thoroughly lucky we are.

I’m so thankful that I’m surrounded by so many people who care. This is just a tiny portion of the offers for help and the actual labor that people have been so generous with recently. We live in such a good place.

I’m so thankful that I get to raise my children here.


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