Disney Obsessed Adults

Hi, my name is Alyssa and I am a Dork

Recently I was part of a discussion on a message board about the “weirdness” of adults being Disney obsessed.  Reading the thread was interesting, as I myself am a Disney/Star Trek/Star Wars obsessed adult and never really thought about the fact that other adults find my eccentricities strange…or that they believe I am trying to reclaim my childhood in some way, instead of just genuinely liking this stuff.  I’m not one of those people who wear these things on my body 24/7, or have my entire house dedicated to Dorkiness or have my car painted like Mickey Mouse or Darth Vader.  I do however have a cabinet full of Cheshire Cat mugs…Vinylmation characters on my counters and FuzzBall from Captain EO over looking my living room, in addition to many more Disney pieces and Star Trek and Star Wars as well.

When I think of home decor, I just cannot imagine NOT having these things in my house.  I don’t think it’s weird at all to be “obsessed” with things that might generally be considered “kids stuff” or at least not things that would generally be used in home decor.  Having a Death Star decal on our chalkboard and a Bat’leth over the door to our kitchen and random Cheshire Cat/and or Disney things sporadically placed around the house really reflects who we are as people, and as a family.  Yes we are Geeks…yes I actually know what a Bat’leth is and what it is used for and who uses it….Yes we all love Disney and go at least once, sometimes twice a year.  My dream for our vowel renewal is for Captain Jean-Luc Picard to perform the ceremony with a Mad Hatters Tea Party cake with a Cheshire Cat topper.

I am proud when people call me a Trekkie or come into our house and see the Death Star and proclaim “The force is strong with this one”.  Having people stop us in the parking lot to tell us how cool our Star Wars family decals are on the back of the cars is RAD….having friends go out of their way to look for/buy/take pictures of things with Star Wars/Star Trek/Chesire Cat for me makes my heart happy.  When a dear friend recently came and visited us from Florida and brought me a Cheshire Cat figurine and my stuffed FuzzBall, I was ecstatic and found a place for them immediately.  I proudly wear my Security Officer Star Trek shirt and am looking forward to installing our “Imperial March” doorbell.

Some people don’t get it, and that’s ok.  My parents think I’m crazy and can’t understand why we would want to display these types of things in our home or on our cars.  I can’t explain why I like these things, I just do.  I’m happy to have a husband who also loves these things as much as I do, and makes great Dorkcor (dork+decor BAH) suggestions that make my inner nerd squeal with glee.  I hope that some of it rubs off on the kids, because being geeky rocks…and knowing what a Borg is and that resistance is futile may win them Jeopardy one day.

(poor little Leia with her missing head)

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