BFF Ring Slings and a How-To Video

When I was first introduced to baby wearing it started with a moby and a quick question to the IG Babywearing guru, Squishymommy. She told me one of her favorite wrap makers was Natibaby so to google I went. Once I landed on Natibaby’s page I was in love. I saw the Cashmere Balloons and just knew it had to be mine. My darling husband disagreed because the large price tag was too much for him to consider (ohhh if he knew than what he knows now). Although I was smitten I could not justify spending over $100 dollars on a wrap I wasn’t sure I would even be able to operate.

Fast forward a few months and now Squishy and I are friends and newly blog mates. Her love and passion for baby wearing and wraps inspired me to reach outside of the moby wrap and really start researching my first official woven wrap purchase. I always went back to the balloons and lusted over them and begged my hubby. The thing is Harper’s middle name is in honor of my Aunt Pat and she LOVES hot air balloons. It just seemed like fate that I needed this wrap to carry her in.

Than a miracle happened… Alyssa went on a shopping spree that only Alyssa could go on and ordered quite a but new fluff. She asked any of us TMD girls if we would be interested in splitting a cashmere balloons wrap that was going to have custom dyed and ring slinged via Sleeping Baby Productions. I freaking jumped on it! It was destiny.

The wrap was dyed by the amazing, Alisa, from Color Dip Studios to resemble that of a sunset. It is absolutely stunning. Pictures really do not do this wrap much justice but, as much as I adored the wrap in the original grey color, the dye job just put it over the top for me. The wrap was shipped to SBP to split into 2 ring slings, both with a pleated shoulder and silver rings.

I couldn’t hardly wait to rip open the package and throw Harper into it. It feels like butter and I have been told it will feel even better once it’s fully broken in. The RS is so easy to just plop her in for quick runs to the store or just around the house. I cradles her perfectly and has been known to rock her to sleep many times. The best part is that it is like a grown-up version of those “Best Friend Forever” necklaces you wear in junior high. We joke that it is our BFF ring sling. Every single time I put it one I always think of Alyssa.

Now I have only worn Harps in the front carry because quite frankly I have not mastered any back carry with this wrap quite yet. I eeked out a Short Back Cross Carry once and it left me both sweaty and winded. So because Alyssa is amazing and she loves me she made me the following video to show me ( and all of you) how to do a RUB with a Ring Sling!


If you want to see how you can use a Ring Sling to wear your newborn click HERE!

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