Fabric Scrap Skirt: A Tutorial

As many of you may know, I am a DIYer. One of the areas I love DIYing most, besides home decor, is party planning. With the itty’s birthday right around the corner, it has been a craft extravaganza is this house. I actually started planning a few months ago but as usual time just snuck away from me. I decided to stick with a vintage feel for her theme and throw in books and hot air balloons. Sounds weird, I know, but so far everything is coming together perfectly. I usually make tutus for the guest of honor in the colors of the party but for this one I wanted to do something different. I scoured Pinterest looking for something that would be just perfect! I stumbled upon a scrap fabric skirt that someone pinned from Etsy. I decided instead of buying one I would figure out how to make one myself. I found fabric pieces at thrift stores and garage sales. I chose a total of 9 different fabrics that had a vintage vibe to them. I even used an old lace curtain I bought at a garage sale for $.50. All together I think I paid $5 max on the all.

I use thin elastic for the waist but you can totally use a piece of ribbon, a stretchy headband, or thicker piece of elastic. I just wrap it around her waist to see how much length I will need and add about an inch or so for the tie off. To figure out the length for the skirt I do the same thing. I usually like them a little longer and, to keep it simple, so I use the same length that I am using for the waist. Whatever length you decide on you need to cut the scrap pieces twice as long and add a little room for a knot. The reason for this is so you can just tie the fabric on and it will give you a two layered look.

I decided on the order I wanted it in and got busy tying. I used a loop knot over the elastic so that the fabric will lay down a little better.


Once I got all the fabric tied on there I went back through and added the lace. The reason I did it this way was because I wanted it to lay on top of the of the fabric instead of it getting lost. I tied the lace on with a regualar knot to give it a little more volume.


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  1. Heather P. -  November 15, 2012 - 9:46 am

    Too cute!! I will definitely be doing this!

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