DYI Deodorant {That actually works}


When my friend Amy told me about this recipe for natural deodorant I was a little skeptical. I’m one of those people who are super paranoid about BO and apply deodorant 2-3 times a day.  When I told her there was no way her recipe would work for me she swore she felt the same way. In fact, she had tried a different recipe and it didn’t work very well. This one seemed too simple to work but a day and a half later, she was still smelling good.

Hmmmmmm. I guess I could give this a try. I’ve been using Dove since 7th grade and I just didn’t know.

There are 4 simple ingredients and 1 very simple recipe. Equal parts of arrow root powder, baking soda and coconut oil, plus a few drops of essential oil.

I could spend a few minutes talking about the dangers of standard deodorant but I’ll let you Google it. It’s not good, trust me. I’ve been wanting to steer clear of conventional deodorant for years but I didn’t trust the brands from the health food store. I assumed they just wouldn’t work for me.

I bought my arrow root and baking soda from the bulk section in my health food store. I had no idea what arrow root was, but sure enough, the store carried it. I roughly measured about 1/4 cup each. Since I had coconut oil and essential oils at home, this was really cheap.

I got my ingredients ready and measured out roughly 2oz (1/4 cup) coconut oil in a glass measuring cup. I placed the cup in a bowl of hot water and let it melt.


Once it was liquid I poured it into a clean bowl and added my equal parts (1/4 cup) each of baking soda and arrow root. This makes an icing like texture.

IMG_8990You can add in whatever essential oil you prefer.

IMG_8989I really don’t love lavender so I used a citrus blend I had. This was almost a big mistake because it smelled like a delicious mix of coconut and lemon and frankly, I wanted to eat it. Haha.


 I didn’t have an empty deodorant container so I used a short mason jar. It works, however next time I will pour it into a deodorant contained so I don’t have to smear it under my arms with my fingers.

This works! Seriously! The first day I used it I had back to back meetings from 8am-2pm plus a client appointment from 3-5pm. When I got home I smelled my pits, nothing! This actually works BETTER than regular deodorant and you don’t have to re-apply throughout the day. I took it with me this weekend to MommyCon and even after running around all day it held up. The only limitation I noticed was if I don’t apply it before bed, the next morning I have a little BO.  I’d say for me, it lasts about 12-16 hours before I need to re-apply.




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