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Can you believe that in just a little over a week we will be coming up to Easter? I am excited! I love this time of year. Springtime is so wonderful. It is so full of hope, promise, and newness. (Perfect time to have a baby, and I think all of the ranches about to have little calves and lambs around here agree!)

I’m a big holiday person, although my time for celebrating is limited these days. I especially love to celebrate holidays that correspond with what my husband and I believe.  I really treasure what Easter is about – in fact, whenever I think about why we celebrate, it brings genuine tears of thankfulness and gratitude to my eyes. I want to give my girls the opportunity to learn about what Jesus did and why, and to know the meaning of the phrase, “He is risen, indeed!”

Since my EDD is just a few days after Easter this year, we have started some of the festivities early, to make sure that the girls don’t miss out on anything. Tonight Allister took a much needed (although unfortunately late) nap and so Zoelie and I spent our one-on-one time baking resurrection cookies. Have you ever made them before? They are not my favorite cookie to eat, but baking them illustrates the Easter story in a neat visual way. I’m not sure who is the original creator of the recipe (if you know, please tell me so I can credit them!), but it’s old, creative, and wonderful! (We read from a kid’s bible, but also simplify each point since a lot of it was over Zoelie’s head.)

Here is the recipe:

Ingredients:  1 cup of pecans or almonds, 1 tsp vinegar (I prefer apple cider vinegar for baking but I was out!), 3 egg whites, a pinch of salt, 1 cup of sugar, 1 tsp of vanilla (optional).

Supplies: Glass bowl, mixer, rolling pin, ziplock bag, tape, and a bible (if you want to read the corresponding verses.)


Preheat the oven to 300 degrees. Don’t forget!

Smash up the almonds in the ziplock bag (we bought a small bag and just smashed before opening) – it represents how Jesus was beaten and ridiculed.
John 19:1-3

Smell the vinegar and put into the bowl – represents the wine vinegar given to Jesus to drink.
John 19:28-30
The eggs represent life – put the whites into the bowl
John 10:10-11
Taste the salt, and then toss into the bowl. It represents the tears cried that day.
Luke 23:27
The mix doesn’t taste good, so add the sugar and vanilla to represent the “sweetest” part of the story.
Psalms 34:8 and John 3:16

Then beat the mix on high until you get stiff peaks.
This part took us about 15 minutes of constant mixing, so Zoelie and I took turns.
She got really bored, really quickly, but if you don’t do it long enough, the cookies don’t turn out as great.

Fold in the almonds (or pecans). They represent the rocks where the tomb was.
Matthew 27: 57-60
Use a spoon to drop the mixture onto a cookie sheet lined with wax paper. Put them in the oven, shut the door, and turn off the oven. Take pieces of tape and tape the door shut to represent the stone being rolled over the entrance.
Matthew 27: 65-66

The next morning (usually Easter morning, but we did it early this year in preparation for Baby 3’s arrival) take out the cookies!
Inside should be hollow, representing the empty tomb on the third day.
Matthew 28:1-9

Hope you enjoy them! Zoelie is going to be so amazed in the morning, now that she understands it a little better this time!

As far as other things we normally do in celebration of the holiday:  I didn’t buy Easter dresses this year for the girls, mostly because we likely won’t go to church on Easter Sunday. It’s a completely different topic but we left our church and have yet to find a new one- so rather than going to a random church for a random service with random strangers, we prefer to spend the day fellowshipping with our friends and family. All that is needed are a pair of grass stained jeans and some cowgirl boots for stomping in the mud. That is of course, unless I am busy birthing a baby or something.  We have plans to go over to my mama-in-law’s house (I have a fabulous MIL, have I mentioned that?) so that the girls and a few of their cousins can do an egg hunt and eat yummy food and play together.

We also will take part in the fun of the season by coloring eggs next weekend. This year we are going to color eggs using homemade colorants. Zoelie decided she wanted to have pink, yellow, green, blue, and purple on hand. I have read several recipes for colors on Pinterest and chemistry websites, but we are just going to try with things we already have in our cupboards. We always have berries in the fridge, so berries (and pomegranate) will be a first go-to for pinks, purples and blues. We are going to try green tea and chamomile tea for yellows, spinach for green. We will update afterwards with photos of how it went! I’d love to see your own attempts at coloring eggs and any tips you may have! Post them on our Facebook page at!

happyeasterAlso, here is a free 8×10 Easter printable you can frame and use as a table decoration!
Just open the .pdf link, save, and print! Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter holiday!



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  1. Nancy -  March 23, 2013 - 11:54 am

    Another COOL egg coloring idea is take a can of cheap shaving cream and spray it in a bowl add different colors of food coloring and swirl em put in eggs and move em around in the cream, wait like 15 or 20 minutes takem out and rinse em under cold water…..and voila!!!!! Colored swirled eggs!

  2. Kelli -  March 23, 2013 - 4:56 pm

    I have never heard of these cookies! Now I want to make them with the kids!

  3. Joy -  March 23, 2013 - 5:04 pm

    Love the cookies, I will need to try them.

  4. Janny Lee -  March 23, 2013 - 8:28 pm

    Sweet!!!! Love the printable too!

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