Eco Soap Nuts

Product: Laundry Soap
Brand: Eco Soap Nuts
Where to buy:

(it can also be found occasionally on different discount baby sites)

Price: $4-$34.95 depending on quantity

When I decided I would cloth diaper this baby I wanted to do it as cost effective as possible. Upon my way-too-many hours of obsessive research I found that one of the priciest parts of CDing is the detergent they recommend washing them with.  Now I also know some say using a regular Free and Clear is fine but I am a first timer and cautious. I had seen Eco Soap Nuts on a couple of the baby discount sites that I shop on but I wasn’t sure how well they would work. One morning they popped up on which is not only a discount site but  it is local (so no shipping costs!). Next, I did what I always do when somethings eco-friendliness is questionable… I asked my best friend. He has a master’s in sustainability education so he helps me with this sort of thing frequently. He did his researched and was happy except for the fact that they aren’t from the US but he said “go for it”. So I went for it and ordered two boxes of 100 nuts each for $12 total.

We are using Bumpkins prefolds and Thirsties covers. I prepped them per the directions and everything seemed good. It was hard to tell because I had never done it before and our washer was brand spanking new! The diapers came out smelling a little like a new piece of machinery. When it was time to wash a soiled load I was ready to put these little guys to the test. I am using a wet bag that I just put the diapers in after changing without rinsing them first. Harper is breastfed and I have read that rinsing is not necessary until solids are introduced. I also take Fenugreek so her urine does have a slight maple smell (ewww I know). I threw the load of about 20 diapers in the washer. We have a front loader so washing cloth diapers is a pain in the ass. I tossed in the bag of 5 nuts as the instructions state and ran them through a cold rinse and spin, than I did 2 quick hot/cold washes with high spin, than another 2 cold rinse/high spin cycles. After all that into the dryer for a dry cycle on medium heat they went. When I removed them they were definitely clean because the nasty maple smell was gone but there was some staining. I cannot say with certainty that was caused by the washing power of my nuts or my washing machine. I have done 3 diaper loads now and each time there is at least 20 prefolds in said load and I am pretty happy with them. I use 5 nuts for 2 loads (it should last 10 loads but since they are being washed multiple times at once I play it safe).  The last load I washed I ran my washer a little different… a cold rinse with no spin, 2 quick hot/cold washes on low spin, cold rinse with no spin, and than cold rinse/high spin. They came out spotless and all the stains were gone ! I would definitely recommend this product for CDing mamas looking for a cost effective product.


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  1. Vanessa C -  January 11, 2012 - 10:18 pm

    Do you use these just for diapers r can they be used for regular laundry?

    • Risa -  January 13, 2012 - 10:52 am

      I have not personally used them on anything besides diapers BUT I have a friend who has tried them. She really liked them and said that although they are not scented they took lingering scents out. She is potty training so sometimes there can be a lingering urine smell if using fragrance free detergent and she said that after one wash with the nuts the smell was completely gone.

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