This past weekend I was able to spend a sorta-surprise, pre-MommyCon weekend with my blogging sister Xza. Her hubby is a huge Bears fan and since they were playing the Cardinals Sunday they re-routed their original Cali trip for a pit-stop in Phoenix. Logan even got spoiled with seats to the game and a new P.I.C. We started the weekend o’ fun off with dinner on Saturday night. Even though their plane was late coming in they still rushed around enough to meet us for a 6 o’clock meal in the outskirts of the Downtown Phoenix area. Whenever people come into town I get a little stressed about good restaurants to share with them. Since we don’t venture out of the East Valley bubble very often I usually have to ask others for suggestions. Luckily we have a friend who is a major foodie and always knows the best places to go.I had seen some of his posts on IG and Google+ about a place called Gallo Blanco. It is a cute little joint placed inside the Clarendon Inn. Now before you all laugh at that sentence (nothing against the Clarendon! They are just typically a little more for inexpensive traveling needs, not cute restaurant vibes) this place was AWESOME! It is right at the edge of our downtown area. The area over the last few years has had quite the bit of clean-up done to it. The hotel was no exception. It has been remodeled with a really retro vibe that just screamed XZA! The pool area was killer. Overall, I want to stay there and she was a little sad that she hadn’t. We may or may not have inquired about convention space 😉 My sister-in-law joined us for dinner since she REALLY wanted the chance to meet Xza and she will be way too prego to attend MommyCon next week. The restaurant was so good. If you live in AZ or plan to travel here, I recommend Gallo Blanco for those looking for some yummy Mexican food. They serve a bunch of different tacos, and mexican-inspired dishes, breakfast all day, cocktails and kids under 10 eat free. It was overall fantastic.


The next day was Game Day and both of the guys were ready for some FOOOOOOTBALLLLL! We woke up at 8 am (yay to sleeping in!), grabbed some Bosa donuts and headed into Scottsdale to meet them at their hotel. Once we got there LB installed Atticus’ seat into the van and they were on their way. Xza and I had no real plans other to just be together. We hung out, talked, nursed babies, laughed at crazy Lily and then decided to take a trip to Zoolikins. Zoolikins is another super-cool spot that I just love. It is a hippie-mamas paradise. They have a huge selection of cloth diapers, baby carriers and natural yumminess for both mommies and babes. I purchased a ton of my cloth diapers from there and I recommend their brick and mortar and internet shop frequently. I was also lucky enough to have my two younger kids do a photoshoot for Bumkins which is a sister company to Zoolikins. Plus, the super exciting news is Bumkins is a sponsor for MommyCon and will be teaching the cloth diaper seminar there. She had been super excited to check out the cool shop and since it was right down the road we piled the kids in and made the short 10 minute drive. The kids played with toys, we played with baby carriers and Atticus even got a new toy for his road trip to California. After Zoolikins we had the temporary insanity thought to go shopping. It wasn’t until we saw the line to get into the parking garage at the Scottsdale Quarter that we remembered we were crazy and left. The babies fell asleep so we just drove around, found a Starbucks and chit-chatted. Right when we pulled back up to the Resort both babies woke up so it was perfect timing.


We took the kids across the street to the park and Lily was able to release some energy. It was gorgeous weather that day so being able to be outside and enjoy it was really nice. We went back and had a late lunch and then just hung out some more. Some of you may be aware that Xza LOVES vintage clothes. When we were in MI this summer on our TMD Retreat we all got to play in her closet and we even did a “Babywearing in Vintage” photo shoot. She has a friend who lives in Scottsdale that is a collector and sellar of some really amazing vintage pieces. She came over and brought a few pieces with her. Holy Gorgeous! There was a few pieces that dated back to the late 1800’s and they were spectacular. There was even an amazing beaded, pink bra that would have been perfect for MommyCon. It was so fun to see her beautiful pieces and hear about the Greta Garbo auction she attended. It was even more awesome to meet another super, cool person. Overall, it was such a nice visit. We talked only a tad about MommyCon and a little about TMD, we baby wore and relaxed. It was just so nice to be able to spend some time with my friend. The 10 days will be total chaos leading up to our first ever convention and all the prep work for that, so it was the perfect way to go into this crazy time.


MommyCon is only a short 9 days away! Tickets are still available. If you want to treat yourself to a belated Holiday treat click HERE to purchase your tickets now! We look forward to meeting all of you 🙂



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  1. Amanda M S -  December 26, 2012 - 2:38 pm

    Sounds like you girls had a blast! Cute pictures!

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