First Week Back

Start of school is always bittersweet for me. Kicking the kids out of the house for a few hours is fantastic, I enjoy my time alone with SquishyBaby and to just relax in the quiet.  It’s also sad for me too.  SquishyKid 1 is in 4th grade this year, which means he only has 2 more years at his school before he moves onto the High School.  I can’t believe in just 6 short years he’s going to be driving!  It seems like just yesterday he was my only child. As with every year, we have already had several stellar reports home from the teacher about Landen going out of his way to be kind to someone new and help them out if they needed helping. He’s such a sweet kid.

This year The Girl started Kindergarten and it’s her first time being in all day school.  As I expected she comes home from school completely exhausted and filled with stories about eating lunch with her brother, playing with kids on the playground and what new friend she made that day.  She is loving her teacher, who is the perfect match for her.  She’s fun and engaging but also firm and doesn’t take any shit, which is the perfect combination of attributes for dealing with Seven’s sometimes boundless energy and chatterbox mouth.

SquishyKid 2 is in 2nd grade this year, and between this year and last year I see a HUGE difference even in just 1 week.  His new teacher is a take no shit hardass who does it with a smile and sweet disposition, which has really put him into line this year.  He is getting all of his services through his IEP, and doing really well with the new special education teacher when he has his sessions with her.  I am really proud of how well he is doing this year, and thankful that we live in a district that is so invested in getting their kids the extra help that some of them need.

Looking forward to a great rest of the school year!



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