Good Times and Lessons Learned at MommyCon Kansas City

Not that I expected anything less, but I had a super fantastic time this weekend at MommyCon Kansas City. I was so happy to see my fellow bloggers. We talk everyday, but I haven’t seen Alyssa in a year and a half, Xza in about 6 months and this was my first time meeting Laney.


Each of us are all so different and I love how our personalities just work. Xza is very passionate and works so hard. She is truly inspiring. She started MommyCon a year ago and it has exploded. The thing is, Xza is so humble about it which makes her even more awesome. It was so great seeing Atticus again too. I swear he grew like a foot tall in the 6 months since I saw him last.  He’s such a sweet and loving boy. Alyssa is hilarious. I love how she is so straight forward and blunt. I may or may not have freaked her out for about 10 seconds when I told her someone stole her beloved Star Wars/Star Trek (I really don’t know the difference) carrier. I wanted to keep up the ruse for a few minutes but the look on her face was utter devastation; I couldn’t keep it up. I’m surprised we’re still friends actually 😉 This was my first time meeting Laney. Since I talk to her everyday I already knew I liked her but in person she is amaze balls. Automatically I knew we were destined to be friends when we shared our dislike for mushrooms and olives. She is so sweet and kind. I’m lucky to be writing with her. Penny Pie is so stinking adorable! She is constantly smiling and cooing. Without sounding like a creeper, I wanted to steal her and take her home with me! I can honestly say Penny single handedly got me more excited about having a girl. IMG_5484


Nailing it with MommyCon pink tights :)


Bathroom selfie at MC! 35 week belly :)

I also got to meet some people in the baby industry. We had dinner in the evenings with Jamie (TheBabyGuyNYC), January from Birth Without Fear, Jessica from The Leaky Book, the fab ladies from Sloomb, Tracy with Mother Love and Clek and a few others from BabyHawk, and Nuroo. I really didn’t have any in depth convos with any of them, mostly because I didn’t want to seem like a crazy lady but it was still pretty cool. Jamie, January and Jessica are so charismatic on stage and at the playdates. I feel lucky to have listened to them.

It’s no secret I.LOVE.BABY.GEAR. I was around so many beautiful baby carriers, strollers, car seats, cloth diapers, quality skin care….ect this weekend. Oh man. Be jealous. MommyCon has the coolest new products and it is a baby gear lover’s dream. I got to take home a couple really cool things and I’m pumped. I still haven’t unpacked my suitcase (to be honest I’m still not even home yet) but you can bet as soon as I get home I will be laying out my new things just to stare and *sigh*.

There were so many amazing moms, dads and babies I got to meet this weekend. I really enjoyed talking and getting to know similar minded parents. The good thing about MommyCon is it’s for all types of parents- those who are totally mainstream and have never tried a cloth diaper to those who are expert baby wearing, super duper crunchy mamas. What really got to me was some of the birth stories I heard at January’s VIP Playdate and just by casually chatting.  People felt comfortable sharing things that they normally would not. It’s hard to explain the vibe but it was just awesome. I also got to meet some of my Instagram friends and that was really cool too.

I had a few lessons learned on our trip, good and not so great (one even embarrassing)  First off, we had a bad hotel experienceThursday night. I may have nightmares about it the rest of my life. Of course I’m partially exaggerating but still, it was gross. We had Friday and Saturday night booked at the Sheraton with the other girls but since we decided last minute to leave Thursday night I found what I considered a good deal on a “decent” hotel on Priceline. Let’s just say the reviewers who reviewed this hotel on Priceline are either crazy or….well they just must be crazy! My thoughts were, if I save $40 on a hotel Thursday night I can justify buying more Sloomb. I put my love of their forage print diapers above the comfort of my family. I actually didn’t even buy any Sloomb this weekend either. I just wanted too many and I have no idea what size to buy for new baby. Sloomb seriously has some of THE COOLEST stuff out there right now. It was totally sensory overload.


Our freakishly small hotel room. It was so small we couldn’t fit a pack n play so all three of us shared this full size bed. It was a blast being 35 weeks pregnant and with a bed hog toddler ;)

Speaking of Sloomb, I also discovered I have been pronouncing a shit ton of baby gear wrong. Thank goodness I only did it in front of the girls. Let me just give you a little teaser of some of my errors. What I thought was Sl-ahhh-mb is really Sloomb (that would rhyme with womb). I called Nuroo (new-roo) neuro, Diono (dee-own-o) “dino”…. ect. It just gets more embarrassing from there. *face palm*

I learned that my husband is one of those rare husbands who is an equal caregiver to our child. To me it’s always been normal but I had several people make comments how their husbands would never do that. He watched and spent time with Brody most of the time we were in Kansas City. I spent a lot of time with the girls and tried helping as much as my 35 week pregnant body would allow and he was great and never complained. He even helped a little with Atticus. Funny story- I made Brody a Harry Potter costume and asked Erik to bring him down to the convention in his costume as soon as he woke from his nap. I sent him a text saying “use my eyeliner to draw a small lightening bolt on his forehead”. Imagine my surprise when Erik brings him down with a huge RED lightening bolt! My husband needs a little lesson in the difference between lip and eye liner.


That really just touches on my trip. I had a great time and was so happy I had the opportunity to get together with some of my favorite people.  I’m sad it will probably be another few months before us girls get back together. Next time I see them Penny will be huge, Atticus will be even taller than he is now, Alyssa will be awesome as usual and I will have a new baby. I loved seeing all the new baby gear, bringing home some awesome goodies and meeting celebrities in the baby industry. However NOTHING touches on how happy I was to be a part of something I feel so passionate about (natural parenting) and getting to see my dear fellow bloggers.


We were so busy this was our lone group shot we took as the girls were heading off to the airport. :)


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