Gyro Bowl {Review}

For months I have watched the commercials for the Gyro Bowl and thought it was super cool.  I had heard mixed reviews about it’s effectiveness from other moms, but decided to give it a go when I saw it on an end cap at Target one day.  The concept of the bowl is neat…a no spill bowl for kids.  Who wouldn’t want that?  In concept, it seems like a really cool idea…but in practice it SUCKS!  Plus at $15 it is quite expensive for something that doesn’t even work.

While it didn’t work at all for us, many claim it works great for them (I dont honestly know how though)…so take this review with a grain of salt.  The plastic that is used in the bowl is sturdy and thick.  Not flimsy at all.  It claims it is kid proof…but I know if I let my kids have a go at it, it would be destroyed in a matter of minutes.  It’s well made, but it’s not that well made.  The plastic is BPA free which is great for all those moms out there who are worried about BPA.

It comes with a top for if you are out and about, or want to save the snacks for later.

Multi-Grain cheerios are a popular snack in our house, so we tried out the bowl with those.  I believe with any snack around this size (goldfish, dry cereal, nuts) the bowl is going to have the same issues we had.

Before I let The Girl free to play with her snacks and new bowl, I wanted to take some pictures…the bowl worked great when it was slowly moved around and not jostled side to side or with sharp movements.

She thought it was pretty cool, and even cooler when it failed and she dumped cherrios all over my floor

Again, while being gentle with it…it worked great!  Unfortunatly, gentle is not a word that my kids seem to know.

So I let her go, and this is the result, notice the small pieces of the cheerios?  Those were created by the bowl when it failed to rotate.  Here is why

When the bowl is moved quickly and the contents shift before the bowl has a chance to rotate…the items get caught and the rotation cannot complete.  Thus making the bowl completely ineffetive.

As you can see the cheerios just slllliiiidddeee out.  This thing gets a big thumbs down from me.  Dont waste your money.

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  1. Amanda -  March 1, 2012 - 10:33 am

    Good to know!! I’m glad you did this review I’ve always wondered! Thank you!

  2. Rayan's mommy -  March 1, 2012 - 12:34 pm

    Have u tried it with heavier snacks like fruits and vegetables? If u happen to do so please post n review how that goes. I give Rayan a lot of fruits n was thinking of spending the money on one of these puppies but I’m second guessing it now lol.

  3. bree -  March 1, 2012 - 2:23 pm

    so we have three gyro bowls and my kids love them more than i do. i learned quick to ONLY put snacks in there that are easy to pick up. just like you said it is very easy to spill snacks out. but we use them because they are a perfect size for snacks and with the lid on i can just grab and go. they dishwash easy and the colors are fun. but they are NOT spill proof…hehe

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