H.E.R Mud Kitchen

I am always looking for fun, cheap DIY stuff to make for my girls. Since starting this journey here on TMD I have become even more interested in finding ways to simplify my life, especially when it comes to way my girls play. With summer approaching it was time to hustle on setting up some stuff that they could do outside on the rare nice days we will have. It also needed to include something that they could use water (it gets HOT here) and could fit into a very small space (we don’t have a yard). So thanks to one of my all time favorite small living websites, Apartment Therapy, I saw a mud kitchen. I quickly found myself in love with the idea and inspired. Who doesn’t love playing with mud? On a warm day the water and dirt mixture will be perfect to coax them outside so mommy can get a few minutes to clean up a tad or catch my breath.


I set out on my mission starting that weekend on our weekly garage saling trip. I found the table for $5 and scouted out all the used kitchen accessories (pots and pans, utensils, muffin tins, etc) and two aprons. I was even able to grab up the huge pot seen in the pictures holding the muffin tins for FREE. All together I spent $14. I went straight home and got started. I had an old door we removed, left over chalkboard paint, and an unused ikea storage system to create the storage board. I painted black circle for burners and screwed in the a mold to use as a sink and VIOLA, a mud kitchen was built. It is located right by the hose for easy access to the water for not only play but for clean up. I still would like to kind old stove knobs and a faucet to make it complete. We will also be adding pavers underneath where the gravel is now to create a better floor for them to play on. All-in-all it is probably my favorite thing I have created for them and I am pretty jealous of what a cool mom my kids have 😉



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