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Hi! I am Melanie and I have no idea how to begin this. I guess I’ll start with how I got here. I was introduced to The Mommy Dialogues by Laney during their contest to find a new writer. I soon started following the blog, developed a huge girl crush on Alyssa and sort of became a bit of a TMD/Mommycon groupie. Meeting Xza and Alyssa at Mommycon LA only made me love TMD more.  I felt a need to be a part of the community somehow, regardless of in what capacity. I have been writing on my own blog for the last 3 years and Laney and I talked about how fun it would be to write together, so when she approached me with an invitation to join the TMD team I may or may not have squealed. My entire life just abruptly changed, transforming me from a full time working mom in southern California to a stay at home mom in central Ohio, opening up more time and opportunity to pursue my passions, which include writing, fitness, food, and all things pregnancy and parenthood.

I am a naturally minded person who believes in family, health, and total wellness. I am an advocate for happiness. I believe in natural living, eating real food, an active life style, parenting with purpose, and in living a life that you love.

I married my soul mate when I was 18; dropping out of a college I hadn’t even stepped foot into yet, and moved across the country three weeks after my high school graduation. We eloped one sunny day with no plan and no idea what we were doing. I am not normally a spontaneous person, but the circumstances that have led me to where I am now are anything but ordinary. Since then we have lived in 3 states, 5 cities, and 3 time zones. We have a very spunky 2.5 year old daughter, Emi, and our second baby due at the end of February. We’ve spent the last 7 years living in the middle of the desert and just recently moved back to the heartland to embark on a brand new chapter of our life.


I like to think of myself as a modern day hippie and my parenting style is a mix of attachment parenting and the RIE philosophy. I recently became a certified personal trainer and am planning to start my journey as a doula and childbirth educator early next year. (Once I’ve had a few months to adjust to life with a toddler and a baby.) I am extremely passionate about health, fitness, pregnancy, birth, women, and babies; and my dream is to open a wellness center devoted to families from preconception, birth, and beyond. I am also car seat crazy and plan to become a CPST in the very near future. Writing is therapy for me, a place where I can be open about my struggles and my journey and connect with others along the way.

I don’t like to label myself with a billion letters; I just do what feels best for our family. I birth at home and I sleep with my babies; I breastfeed and I babywear. I also vaccinated my child when she was in a military child care center and stopped when I found another option I was comfortable with. I parent deliberately, but I am not afraid to change my mind or my approach because growth is healthy and important in any area of my life.

I believe strongly in celebrating womanhood and “finding your tribe” and I am so happy to share my journey here on The Mommy Dialogues alongside Xza, Laney, Alyssa, and Amanda, and to connect with all of you along the way.







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