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Hello! My name is Cristin and the purpose of this post is to tell you all who I am. (cricket….cricket…..) Who am I? It’s hard to put yourself into words. It’s even harder to put yourself into words that you know complete strangers are going to read and make judgements upon. It’s okay, really…you can judge. You are going to no matter what. Judging isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s certainly human nature, and it’s most definitely happening right now. You have to judge. You have to decide if I am someone that you are going to be able to relate to, and connect with. Am I going to be someone that you can learn from, or someone that you are just not going to click with. I hope you do. But, it’s okay if you don’t. We can both exist, either way.

If  you are a long time TMD follower, you may (or may not) remember me. I was one of the finalists in the previous search for the next TMD writer. Obviously, I wasn’t the winner. Who can compete against Laney?? 🙂 I moved right on from that, and continued on with my life here in Michigan with my two children and husband. Much has changed, and much as stayed the same for me since then. My husband was offered a wonderful opportunity for advancement within his company. Something we would most likely have turned down for the sole reason that it was out of our home state. We didn’t turn the promotion down though, we weighed the options and accepted. Reason being, we found out we were expecting our third baby! This sweet little bundle was a HUGE surprise for the both of us, and we knew that even though moving to a new state (Indiana to be exact) was not something we were thrilled to be doing, it was the right thing, financially, for us to do. We anticipate that move to be happening sometime in early spring, right after we welcome this baby into our family in mid February. I can’t even imagine the level of complete chaos that is going to ensue while trying to move a newly made family of five to a new state. In fact, thinking about it at all gives me extreme anxiety and stresses me out to the max. But, it is going to happen and when it does, I am hoping I can make the transition gracefully (or at least fake it haha).


With every baby, I have found myself pulling away from a lot of “modern” parenting practices and moving more and more into a natural and instinctual place for myself and my family. I love to learn about all things natural and I love to test the waters within the crunchy realm of things. Some things come naturally to me, like breastfeeding, cloth diapering, chemical free products, and healthy eating. Other aspects aren’t as easy for me to get used to (see: baby wearing, attachment parenting, homeschooling etc)  but I still love to try and have felt great satisfaction from achieving! I really consider myself  a constant work in progress as a parent and as a person. I don’t have my way figured out yet, and I hope I never do. I hope to never be set in my ways. I always want to be able to change my perspective, and try out something new that I hadn’t considered before.  There is no right or wrong way to be a parent, and I’ve been focusing on what’s right for me. Often times, I find that what I feel is right, isn’t the same as my circle of friends, or even my family. Furthermore, sometimes what felt like needed to be done in one instance, didn’t ring true the next time I was faced with the situation. It’s a learning process and I am astounded at how much I am learning from being a parent! I am hesitant to categorize myself into a box because I know that as soon as I do, I am going to break out of that box and jump into a new one. To each their own. I can be cool with anyone’s lifestyle as long as they are living happily, confidently, and well informed.  You don’t have to live like me, parent like me, think like me, or even eat like me for me to 100% respect your choices. In fact, it’s better that way. I can’t learn and grow if everyone I surround myself shares my ways too. I need to be surrounded by all different views, values, and ways of living. I like to be informed on EVERYTHING! My husband thinks I am a crazy person the way I research every single thing that has to do with anything. When you know better, you do better- and that is what I am all about, continually becoming a better mom, wife, friend, sister, and overall human as time passes.

After I accepted the offer to be one of the new writers, I began texting with Xza. One of our first exchanges was me voicing my hesitation and worry that maybe I am not interesting enough to be a blogger. Her response was something that has stayed with me since. She replied, very simply to my concerns saying “Well, as long as what you write is genuine, I think there is a reader for everybody.” It wasn’t anything amazingly profound, but it was just what I needed to hear to feel secure in my decision to move forward with such an exciting opportunity! So, thank you Xza for being such an encouragement to me from the beginning. xoxo I am beyond excited to be a part of this community and to be among such amazing women and mothers. I hope that if nothing else, one person can identify with my journey and find some comfort in knowing that there is a mommy out there who shares her struggles and her successes. I can’t wait to be inspired and uplifted by this group of wonderful people.



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