How To Choose a Daycare When You’re Kinda Crunchy

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Choosing a daycare is tough. Choosing a daycare when you adopt natural parenting and attachment parenting practices is tougher. Here are some questions that may be helpful to ask when interviewing daycares:

  1. Do they allow cloth diapers? What is their policy with poop disposal? For example, my daycare will not dump poop in the toilets. They put everything in the wet bag for me to take care of when I get home. It drives me crazy but it’s their policy. Will they use cloth wipes as well?
  2. Will they use alternative skin care products you provide? For example, I do not allow certain brands of skin care to touch my children. I bring in specific diaper cream, lotion, wipes, sunscreen…ect. Will they be on board with that?
  3. What type of cleaning products to they use to wash their toys? Do they use conventional, chemical laden cleaners or vinegar as their go-to?
  4. Do they provide nutritious meals and cater to children with specific diets and food allergies? Do they use fresh fruits, fresh veggies, non processed meats? If not will they allow you to bring in your own lunches and snacks?
  5. Do they allow breast milk to be fed to babies? What is their handling process of the milk? Are the caregivers trained on how to use breast milk?
  6. What type of toys do they have for play time? Are they toys mostly wood or recycled plastic? Are their craft supplies and markers non-toxic?
  7. What is their policy on cry-it-out? Do they practice attachment parenting?
  8. Would they be willing to baby wear if you baby wear at home?
  9. Is their building Green? Do they recycle? Do they compost?
  10. What’s their policy on delayed and/or selective vaccination schedules? How about parents who choose not to vaccinate their children?

Overall choosing a daycare is a process of gives and takes. I’m not sure a perfect daycare out there exists. I’ll admit, ours  is far from perfect. The most important thing, in my opinion, is that you trust the caregivers and know they have your children’s best intentions in mind. My priority when choosing a center was the overall care and love of my children- if they were on board with cloth diapering and only had wooden toys was just icing on the cake. 😉


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