How to Make Your Own Silhouettes {A Tutorial}

One of the biggest trends right now in home design is Silhouettes. I have seen SO many of kids, animals, random stuff that I slowly begin to fall in love with them. I didn’t want to just throw some into the mix at our house so I have been patiently awaiting the perfect time/place to use them. Not only are they fun for design but they are more fun for the keepsake element. Since the older girls share a room I though it would be a great edition in there since we are slowly redoing their room in a more of a vintage look. I have been collecting random frames to hang empty on their new feature wall so it all just made so much sense. There are many Etsy sellers that can create a personalized silhouette for you but knowing me I want to DIY it. After I did it I decided to create a How-To just for you!
First- The Frames. The gold one I snagged at a garage sale for $5 and the black one is from Ikea. The Ikea frame is normally $30, which I could never bring myself to paying full price for, but I found it in AS-Is for $11! I wanted to paint them to make them a little more fun and funky. My sister-in-law had an abundance of coral colored spray paint and she let me have a can. Yay!
IMG_0770 IMG_0782
Now onto the fun part… The photos. Take side photos of your subjects, we did our daughters Lily and Riley.

Next we will open up photo shop and start the project, I will show you with Lily’s photo.
You will want to start by naming your project, and then you will choose the pen tool for this project:


Then start somewhere on the body that you think will be the easiest, I started on the base of her neck:

Once you start you will then want to change the Fill on the layer to 0% so when you start mapping the body you will be able to follow it.


Then continue following the body and the hair of the person, it’s ok if it doesn’t fit them exact right now as you can go back and adjust the anchors to make it more smooth and as close as possible to the body. But for now make it so it goes around the head and then connect the dots to form one image which will look like this:

After you have connected around your person, then you will go back the layer and turn the fill to 100%:
It will now look like this:
You can at this point click on the points on the silhouette and make it more smooth by adjusting the edges and pulling on them and pushing them to make it more even. Then afterwards click on the eye next to the background layer and then you will be able to see your finished project:
Once the images were completed I saved them unto a canvas the size of the frame that I would be using. Since the frames are oval shaped I made sure that the image was center a slightly small so that parts would not get cut off.
I uploaded them at as an “Engineer Print, If you have never used this service… DO IT! You can get a 18×24 image (black and white only) for $1.80. It is on paper so it is great for framing or used for crafts. They were ready for pick-up at my local Staples within 15 minutes.
IMG_0790 IMG_0789
I used the inside of the frame as a template and drew a pencil line around the image to make sure I knew where to cut. Then I cut it out.
IMG_0799 IMG_0794
I hung Lily’s over her bed and Riley’s over hers.
IMG_0804 IMG_0803
So for less then $20 and half a days work I was able to add some super cure personalized art in the girls room.

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