I’m a Qool Mom now! {Product Review}

Most of you are babywearers, as am I, and many of us have said at one point or another that we just don’t use strollers. However, now that I’m a mom of multiple children, that statement doesn’t apply to me anymore. Strollers can be an epic blessing to your day out with your littles, and for that, I encourage you to read on!

I had heard of Joovy before I was lucky enough to buckle my kids into the Qool, but I didn’t know anything about them. Let me preface by stating: I wish I had Joovy gear in my life when my first child was born. If I had two phrases/words to describe Joovy gear, I’d say quality and smart design.

A little glimpse into my world: my husband has one day off per week since we just opened our new business. We really try to kick-butt on that day with a really fun activity with our kids! We have a really great double stroller that works great for hilly and adventurous outdoorsy activities. Now that our girls are 6, 3, and 1, on a long trip to the mall or the zoo, the double just becomes a stuff collector and more often than not, someone is pinching and scratching and pulling the other one’s hair when they are seated side by side. Moms of preschoolers and toddlers, you’ll know what I mean when I say how bananas it drives me to deal with the constant buckling and unbuckling of a 3 year old who is too small to walk the whole day, but is too excited to sit still and wants to jump out of her seat every 2 seconds. We have passes to the Denver Zoo and we really love to take the girls there, and now our trips are easier than ever, thanks to this excellent (and gorgeous) baby gear.IMG_1053

For a similar-aged family of 5, a baby carrier and the Joovy Qool stroller is all you will ever need to make an outing an easy, fun day. (Soon, Xza will tell you all about the Too Qool – the big brother of the Qool for those families that have need for the double stroller – don’t get me wrong, we still use ours!) Before I mention the features, let me tell you how this works for us. I have figured out 3 options, and they allow for versatility throughout the day – and they allow me to accomplish my errands for a fun family day for all of us.

One: The 6 year old walks, the 3 year old walks, and the 1 year old rides in the super stylish and comfortable seat with the rider board folded up and out of the way. (The soft and durable seat pad comes off so that you can WASH IT. If you have ever carried cheerios in your purse to entertain your little one so you can quick try on a pair of pants in a fitting room at the mall, you’ll understand why this is so AMAZING.)


Two: The 6 year old walks, the 3 year old stands on the Qool Rider Board (it’s a separate accessory but it really makes this stroller awesome for older kids who don’t really want to ride anymore!) and the 1 year old rides in the seat. More than likely the 1 year old’s seat is facing us, so that the youngest kids can make each other laugh and smile. (Yes, I said smile! It really happens!) Maybe the baby will take a nap, and when she does, we recline the seat back and unzip the double layered hood for extra sun protection, privacy, distraction limitation, and sleeping comfort.


Three: Towards the end of every long day with the stroller, configuration three is guaranteed to come into play. 6 year old has been whining “my legs are tired!” and 3 year old is just done for the day, and 1 year old really could use a cuddle. It’s a win-win for everyone. 6 year old stands on the Qool Rider Board, 3 year old faces out in the seat, and 1 year old is being worn in the carrier. I comfortably push them all at my pace (instead of the normal snail’s pace it takes without the Qool), and we make it home unscathed and everyone is in a better mood.


The Joovy Qool allows my 3 year old to hop on and off the rider board for a ride as she pleases whether we need to stop for a moment or move on to the next place. It allows my 1 year old to face in and face out depending on her needs with a quick swap of the seat. This may sound totally silly, but this stroller helps me to foster independence in my kids, giving them the option to be little girls and say “I’m too tired, this day is just a little bit too much for me, let’s go home without a fight or a fuss.” More than anything, I think the girls really like that they have choices and it’s really easy to change it up!


A suggestion from experience: Don’t gate check it at an airport (or any stroller for that matter.) The baggage handlers don’t care that you are finally in possession of the best stroller you’ve ever pushed. Do what I didn’t and buy a stroller bag for traveling. Right now we are waiting for a repair, and Joovy has been absolutely gracious and helpful. I have found that I like products even more when the company behind them gives incredible and caring customer service, so kudos to Joovy!


I wish I was Oprah so I could say, “A Qool for YOU! And YOU! And YOU!” and just give one to every mom I see. It has really made my life easier. It pushes and turns easily with one hand. It has a small profile that fits through doors and elevators and back and forth lines in front of ticket windows. Did I mention it’s cute too? The Qool has a ton of color options, from the frame to the seat. You can customize it to your taste, from classic to funky! Of course mine is a beautiful MommyCon pink and grey, and we get compliments everywhere we go. The fold is pretty basic, and will take a try or two to perfect before you really get it down. Don’t worry, it’s not even close to complicated, but if there is anything the Qool is missing, it’s a one-handed fold. I’m not going to complain though, because I typically put my kids in the car before folding the stroller anyway. It’s a small price to pay for something so functional.


I made a super dorky video of the Joovy Qool’s features and the fold for all of you to watch, but I had a little techie glitch with it and it decided not to work. (I know! I’m sad too!) However, since my stroller is on it’s way back to me right now from the Joovy hospital, I will post the link in this post as soon as we re-film! You can also look out for it on the MommyCon facebook page. While you’re waiting, check out Joovy’s website and discover all of the options available to you for customizing your own Joovy Qool stroller! If you’re joining us at MommyCon, stop by the Joovy booth and take their gear for a test drive – it will speak for itself.

And finally, I leave you with a haiku.

When you’re at the zoo

With your kids on a Sunday

Push a Joovy Qool.



Love, Laney

*I was given this stroller to test out, but was not paid to review it. My words are honest and I promise that my opinions are genuine and you would know if I didn’t like it!

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