I’m Free!

I put my notice in at my VERY part time job. It feels so freeing to know my entire weekend will be dedicated to my husband and my family. Albeit my husband will probably pick up an extra short shift starting Saturdays in May to help supplement our income a bit. My sweet baby niece will be coming during the week starting this Thursday. I’m really excited but I also know it will be so hard for my sister-in-law to have to go back to work. I feel so honored that I get to be the chosen one to watch over her and love on her everyday. I talked about the Village earlier and I will literally have a miniature one in my house Monday through Friday soon enough. This weekend has been exactly what I needed to remind me what my family dynamic is. We woke up way too early, had a really yummy breakfast, then headed out to Phoenix to just window shop all the rad vintage stores out that way. We had a great lunch, bought a fireplace and painted our room. And the girls actually got along all day!! We ended the day sitting outside enjoying one of the few days in Arizona when the weather is ideal and nursing my pretty cranky toddler. It was perfect. And I’m thankful.







*Today is the gender reveal party for our new niece or nephew… Any guesses?!


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