It’s Not You, It’s Me

This season is killing me, this post baby season of worry and stress and never enough time. I can barely find words and just finishing sentences feels like a miracle. I’m an introvert with a tendency towards depression and the energy I am pouring into being a mom is leaving very little room for anything else. I want to pour this darkness out of me but I can’t find enough sunshine to flush it out. I’m getting by on pure stubbornness most days. My house is still in boxes, I haven’t done a craft in months and we’ve watched Frozen so many times even my kid is tired of it. I feel like if I can just make it to summer, make it to 3 months, things will get better. I’ll feel like myself, I’ll unpack some boxes, Ella will be older… So the silence hasn’t been intentional, I want to write, I want to get to know you all and for you guys to know me I just don’t feel very much like myself right now.

So basically this post is just to say I’m here and I am trying, so don’t give up on me just yet.


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