Joining the Club: My Experience with Taking Placenta Pills


When I first heard that people actually ate their placentas I was extremely grossed out. Not like a little either. When TMD first started, Alyssa wrote a blog post giving step by step instructions on how to do it. (click here to see the post) I was literately sick. I still can’t look at that post without getting queasy. Remember our past writer Sarah? Well she is big into placentas and not only encapsulates them, she makes art with them as well. She wrote an awesome post a few months ago talking about the benefits of doing it. (click here to see Sarah’s post)

Anna left the umbilical cord for me.

Anna left the umbilical cord for me.

After reading Sarah’s post about it I thought to myself, how could I NOT do it? How could I just throw it away? But on the other hand I wondered how the heck I could swallow a pill that had dried up placenta in it? Another thought I had was how could I, as a vegetarian, stomach the thought of consuming an organ. Would I get sick? I know if I eat something that has snuck in chicken broth or some sort of beef fat my stomach is not happy. My fellow bloggers got a kick out of me asking about it and assured me they have vegan/vegetarian friends who have ate their placenta and not been sick. Phewwwwww. I can do this. I must laugh because I asked her to use vegan capsules. Does it count if you use vegan capsules when encapsulating an organ?

I decided I was going to do it but knew there was no way in hell I could do it myself. The question was, how do you go about finding someone? Do I type “placenta encapsulator” in Google? Thankfully I’m a member of a local Facebook group aimed towards natural parenting. I made a post in the group asking if anyone had any recommendations. One girl responded right away saying she would be willing to do it but since she wasn’t able to do it at my house. I passed. I didn’t feel comfortable allowing a stranger to take my placenta and make it in a kitchen I didn’t know. That was such a bummer! A short while later someone else messaged me letting me know she had recently been certified and would be interested in doing it. I noticed we had a mutual friend on Facebook and asked around about her and where she trained (  I used my judgment and decided I could trust her to do it. Plus from her first message she was very professional and was willing to do it at my home. If you’re local (Springfield, Missouri area) I would highly recommend her.

I used Anna with Tree of Life Encapsulation. If you want her contact info

I used Anna with Tree of Life Encapsulation. If you want her contact info message me on our Facebook page.

I made sure my mom and husband knew Anna’s phone number so they could contact her when I went into the hospital. I spoke with my doctor months before and he assured me I could keep my placenta unless there was something major ally wrong and they needed it for testing. I had to sign a waiver and my hospital had rules, such as I needed a 9×9 cooler and it needed to leave the hospital immediately as soon as I was in recovery. My husband took the cooler and kept it in the car until he went home that evening.

Encapsulating is a two day process. I had my daughter Monday afternoon and Anna was at my house Tuesday night and Wednesday night working on it. My mother in law was home with our son as well as my husband when Anna was over. Erik said the house smelled soooooo bad. I almost feel a little bad for my mother in law because I am positive she was extremely grossed out. Erik told me he asked her not to say a word to anyone that we did this. HAHA. His family and friends are not into this type of thing

IMG_6751I was in contact with Anna via email and phone calls while I was recovering in the hospital. She mentioned she left some Mama’s Broth in the fridge next to my mother in law’s apple juice. I had no idea what Mama’s Broth was and text Alyssa asking if I should use it. I assumed it was some sort of tea or something. Alyssa told me if I drank it I would officially be the crunchiest one of us all. OMG I REALIZED WHAT IT WAS AND SAID F#$% NO! It’s the liquids and juices left after the encapsulation process. It’s actually still in the fridge and I can’t bring myself to open the mason jar to dump it. I will have to throw away the whole jar. My mother in law asked what it was and my husband made up a lie. I think she would have lost it had she known it was in there!. I appreciate Anna leaving it for me but there is nooooo way. I’m not that hard core.

I started taking the pills my last day in the hospital. I didn’t think twice before taking the pills. It was no longer gross to me. I had officially joined the placenta eater club. Some of the benefits I noticed right away was it helped my milk come in quickly, my supply was big and my postpartum bleeding was reduced to almost nothing. I pretty much stopped bleeding after 4-5 days. It’s been 5 days that I’ve been taking two pills three times a day. I have experienced some extra fuzzy feelings towards baby girl and have experienced zero postpartum depression. According to my husband I have still be a little bitchy but I associate that was the stress of breastfeeding and recovering from a cesarian, plus he thinks I’m bitchy most of the time anyways. 😉

The whole point of this post is you can do it. Really. If I can do it you can do it. The benefits are way worth the ick factor. Now, I cannot fathom actually throwing away your placenta. If you have the stomach for it, do it yourself, if not hire someone. It’s worth it.




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