Kid-friendly Taxidermy

Meet Ollie!

I have a thing for faux taxidermy and when looking at countless blogs for nursery ideas I saw some really cute kid-friendly options. Most were DIY projects but if that isn’t your thing than there are a few sellers on etsy that have some really adorable ones for sale. I made mine for about 5 buckaroos and some stuff I already had laying around the house.


* Stuffed animal of your choice- I went to the closest Goodwill and let Lily pick out the one that she liked (I gave her a few options) I chose the ones with the  fullest stuffed heads and  held them up to see what the profile would look like. I was REALLY hoping for a unicorn but no dice and I was way too impatient to continue my search.

* Wood Plaque- I got mine at Hobby Lobby for $3 but I am sure that Michael’s carries them (and you could apply that handy dandy 40% off coupon) or any other craft store. Heck even Home Depot may have them. I chose the French Oval shape but any will do but I recommend deciding on your animal first so you will know what size and shape will work best.

* Hot glue gun

* Spray paint or stain- I chose to spray my plaque with bright pink spray paint but staining or decoupaging it would be uber cute also.

* Small finishing nails

* Picture hanger

* A saw or large knife- Sadly we did not have a saw at the time so I had to use our electric carving knife to decapitate our poor little guy

* Stickers or fabric or any embellishments really (optional)- I decided to name our friend and put his name on the plaque with cute stickers (I found in the $1 spot at Target) but I have seen it blank or with a fun little bunting banner underneath.. let your imagination run wild!

How To:

* The very first thing I did was spray painted my plaque. I used Gloss Berry Pink spray by Rust-Oluem that I had laying around from other projects. I left that to dry while I began the rest of the project. After it was dry I added my picture hanger. Now I didn’t have the fancy schmancy kind with the teeth like ridges so I used a soda pop can tab. I just screwed a tiny screw through the smaller hole on the bottom on the tab and used the big hole to hang it on the wall (Thank you Pinterest!).

* Next it is time to de-attach the head. (This sounds so morbid lol) I chose to cut it off right around the shoulders. This will give you enough extra fabric to use to glue it down to the plaque. It is better to cut too much fabric than not enough, as you can always trim it. I than made sure that the stuffing was packed pretty tight in the head and the area will it will be attached to the plaque was cleaned off completely.

* Once the plaque was completely dried I chose where it would fit best and started to glue it down with a hot glue gun. This is a mess! The fur was coming off where I cut it and sticking to my fingers SOOOOO beware!

* After it was glued down we decided to add 4 gold finishing nails ( 1 above the head, 1 below, and 1 on either side) just to help secure it.

* Than it was time for a name… because we chose an ox I thought Ollie was the perfect name for him. I added the adorable stickers I found  below the head and VIOLA! Taxidermy fit for a nursery…



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  1. Leah -  December 30, 2011 - 6:11 pm

    You know one of your favorite little girls has a birthday coming up…. I bet she would love her Auntie Risa to make one of these for her….. Just saying…. 🙂

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