Learning to be a WAHM

The secret is FINALLY out and MommyCon is full speed head ahead! It has been such an exciting time at TMD and in the De Groff house planning out this awesome new convention. MommyCon is going to be so much fun and I cannot wait to meet some of our readers in Las Vegas come January. It is such a wonderful way to start off the new year.

When I was chosen to be apart of The Mommy Dialogues it was one of the biggest honors of my life. It kind of felt like I was winning the Mommy Lotto when I received that email from Xza on that Thanksgiving Day. I would have never thought that a bunch of crunchy moms getting to share our parenting experience would hurdle me into work-at-home- momdom. TMD takes work and sometimes that is a juggle to make sure that posts are done on time, hubby gets design time and all the three kids get their time. TMD time is MY time. I take this time to kind of zen out and dive into it. It has been one of the most fulfilling things that I have ever been apart of.

When the discussion of MommyCon started it was a fun dream with lots of ideas. Xza has this amazing ability to make small talk of dreams and aspirations into a reality. She took this small idea and turned into a big, very real event.

In the very early on stages she asked me if I would be willing to help her with a lot of the leg work. I was both honored and TERRIFIED. I have full faith in my capabilities. I am a fast learner and very hard worker but I am on a learning curve. I have never done this kind of work before but I am lucky to have a really supportive boss to help me through. My husband is also part of the MommyCon team and helps with the web design/technical/making stuff look pretty side. We are learning to juggle our non-family time and TMD time and MommyCon time. It is not always easy and we sacrifice a lot of sleep and “our” time. This is something we are both so passionate about and are proud to be apart of that making it work is a priority.

We recently made the decision to invest in a lap top. This will ensure that while he is on our desktop doing web stuff (he is also a web designer for other businesses) I have a place to blog, photoshop and send out emails and work on spreadsheets. I can do it downstairs in bed while he sits at the desk and we have time to chit chat together. While I would love to say that all my work is done at night when the girls are in bed that would just not be true. I have let the iPad babysit Lily while I work on things. To be perfectly honest, I am typing this post up to the sound of Elmo in the background and an adorable itty chattering away to her doll at my feet. It happens sometimes but I do try and limit it as much as possible. I have found the key is to stay organized. I have a spreadsheets and example emails in my Google Drive. Since my husband works on this kind of stuff all day everyday he has been really helpful it making sure my emails and documents are time efficient.

Being a WAHM is hard work. Somedays I feel like I need an extra few hours just to send a few more emails, or to clean the toilets, or to snuggle my babies a little longer. It is so rewarding when I get that call that one of my contacts is joining up with MommyCon to offer you guys a great giveaway or seminar. This is something I am so passionate about that I feel like this is exactly what I should be doing. Helping to create MommyCon become a reality is showing my girls a lot more about me that I thought possible, Heck, it is showing ME a lot more about myself than I thought possible!

To read more about MommyCon, read Xza’s blog HERE. Or visit the offical site HERE  for even more details, to sign-up for our newsletter, and to register for tickets. Like MommyCon on Facebook HERE to stay up-to-date with all the exciting announcements!

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