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I’m kicking off our week of cleaning posts with how I clean our house. Sometimes I feel that statement should have “attempt” placed before the word clean. At times it’s like a never ending saga of cleaning and having the toddler undo everything I just accomplished.

Five things that help us keep things tidy

We make toy pickup a game. It took about three tries for this to start working, but now that it does we are able to keep our toys divided by: soft toys, balls, wooden toys and cars.

Two things per day. I used to be of the mindset that I should clean everything in one day. By doing a couple tasks per day, I’m actually able to accomplish everything. Floors twice per week, bathrooms on Wednesdays, dusting on Thursday, and laundry every other day.

Shoes off. Kick the shoes off before entering the home, or have a pair of house shoes or slippers. This will keep your floors clean longer.

Reuse water glasses. Pick a glass for water in the morning and use the same glass all day.

More towels. This might not be possible for all families, but by doubling the amount of towels we have, we wash all our towels about once per month as a towel only load.

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Xza Louise Higgins is the founder of MommyCon, creator of The Mommy Dialogues, and punk rock mom to two year old Atticus in the great city of Chicago, IL. She is incredibly passionate about birth options, human rights, and promoting gentle parenting practices.

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