Love at First Wrap

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I never thought I’d like to be a wrapper. Too much fabric. Too much time. Too confusing. Why would I bother when I could get my kid up easily in a soft structured carrier, like an Ergo, or ring sling? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

I had my first up close and personal encounter with wraps when I met Xza and Alyssa a couple years ago at the lake in Michigan. Alyssa taught her wrap class While others were chatting away, I moved to the front and listened intensely. Afterwards I still didn’t have a clue. That statement is not a testiment to her teaching, it’s just overwhelming at first. I really wanted to try out some of her wraps but it was uber intimidating. Plus my kid was crawling around like a mad man. Next time I said.

Fast forward a year later. I connected with some local baby wearers at the library. Xza had let me borrow a DidyTai plus I had my Ergo and trusty Mei Tai. Other girls at the meeting  had woven wraps and I attempted to put my 18 month old on my back for the first time. That was also a fail. Within 2 seconds of trying I said f^&k this sh*( and put back on my Ergo. It was confirmed, wrapping was not for me.

During my pregnancy with LJ I told myself I was getting a wrap no matter what. Since becoming more involved  in the natural parenting world I noticed everyone was wrapping. Well, not “everyone” but yeah, pretty much everyone.  I felt like I already know so much about wraps and baby wearing just by being so involved in the natural parenting industry, yet I had no personal experience.

My friend Chelsea offered to come over to my house shortly after LJ’s birth and help me with a few basic wraps.  I had no idea what size I needed. 2,3,4,5,6,7?! Cotton, Hemp, Linen, Wool, Silk, blends?! Too. Many. Choices. I was determined to learn. That’s when it happened. Love at first wrap. How had I never wrapped before? This sh&* was easy. I had a basic front cross carry down basically on the first try. (Okay, slight exaggeration) Chelsea brought over her Didymos Natural Hemp Indio, Acqua Pfau and Rosalinde. I immediately fell in love with the Pfau. It wraps like a dream. I was pretty much giddy with excitment and knew it would only be a matter of days before I purchased my very own wrap. At a price tag of usually $125 and up, this isn’t a light purchase for most people.


I had been stalking the swap for a month. I had it down to a couple wraps but knew the Kokadi Ahoi was the wrap for me. I love nautical and preppy style. I just HAD to have it.  After a few days of searching and coming up empty handed I told my friend Danielle which  wrap I was looking for. Bless her heart, later that night she tagged me in a post from a shop in California that had extras from the latest pre-sale. They would be up for sale on the website at 10am PST the very next day. Eeeekkkkkkkk! I could hardly sleep that night.

There was no need to set the alarm on my phone, there was no way I was missing out on buying my first woven. I sat in front of my computer and navigated the site so I could be prepared to get it in my cart and checked out in seconds. 10am happened. Then 10:01… Was I missing something? Finally at 10:02 PST my dearly coveted Kokadi Ahoi was up for sale. I added that wrap to my cart and started to check out through Pay Pal with intense focus and precision. As I hit the submit button and a little warning popped up I thought my life was over.

“Size 6 is no long in stock.”

WHAT???!!! Where did I go wrong? Who are those hateful women who bought up all the size 6s before I had a chance?! But then an idea hit. I could get a size 5 and pray to god it would fit. With the same intense focus and precision as before, I snagged up a size 5 with, I’m sure, seconds to spare. My life was now complete.

After the longest weekend in my life I received the wrap. It was everything I dreamed of. I lovingly braided it over and over trying to break it in. Lola loves it just as much as I do. I honestly have no idea how I didn’t wrap Brody. She will go from screaming her little head off to passed the crap out in under a minute. Sometimes it’s the only way I can get things done.


Long story short and the point of this whole post is don’t be afraid or intimated about wraps. It’s really not that hard. Sure, there are tougher carries and I will need to practice tons but this is a life saver. We wrap every single day. It’s amazing. This has also turned me into a wrap addict. Since I pump breast milk I am on my phone a lot. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I spent a lot of that time on the baby wearing swaps. As someone once posted the swap is like the Hotel California; You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave. I now must have all the wraps. I may or may not have started a list.

Buy all the wraps



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