My Love Affair with Ergo: 360 and Beyond

**Disclosure: I was provided this product to review. The experiences and opinions are all my own.**

Like most AP moms, I love wearing my babies. The first time I ever wore my daughter was in an Ergo. She was 8 weeks old and went from screaming to fast asleep within minutes. It changed our entire relationship. Emi was a very over stimulated baby; she screamed for 10 hours a day, every day for the first 3 months of her life. On top of that, she only wanted to be touched by me, vomiting within minutes from screaming if anyone else held her. As a first time mom this experience was over whelming and terrifying. Being able to tuck her against my chest and keep her calm gave me peace of mind and confidence in my ability to meet her needs. Our first carrier was the Original Ergo in galaxy with the infant insert. The insert gave my 8 lbs. baby the boost she needed to be positioned safely from birth.

ergo1 (Sorry for the horrible picture but this was the very first time I wore Emi. Note: the insert isn’t pictured.)

Since then I’ve worn her through airports and on mountain tops. I’ve front, back, and side carried. I even converted my husband. Being pregnant hasn’t slowed me down either, though it has forced my toddler to accept that she can’t always be worn on my front which is still her favorite way to be held.


On my list of registry must haves, a quality baby carrier is number one. While my toddler is on the small side, 30 lbs. at 2.5, the Ergo has never let me down. The weight distribution is phenomenal. Because of their small learning curve and long life span, I recommend quality soft structured carriers for any newbie. So when Ergo sent me one of their brand spanking new 360 carriers for review, I was beyond excited.


Emi immediately asked to be carried in it, so up she went. I love the deep seat pocket, the wide waistband, and even though I didn’t think I would, I even appreciate the ability to front face out if I decide it’s something our baby would enjoy. The Velcro waistband with the buckle does give a more secure hold, but it also makes it a little harder to get it on quickly which is a downside for me. The carrier is super comfortable; 9+ months pregnant with a 30 lbs. toddler and I still could have worn her all day. My favorite thing about Ergo is that my husband can easily wear it as well and he loves it.



So let’s get to the meat of the 360 issue. The ergo 360 has the ability to be a forward facing out carrier.

*GASP* “Ergo?! How could you! You’re supposed to be the ERGONOMICALLY CORRECT carrier!”

I hear you. I felt the same at first, but all of that aside, there are people who want to face their babies out and who deserve an option to do it safely and comfortably. The deep pocket on the 360 keeps your baby seated correctly and comfortably for both you and baby. I was adamantly against out facing anything, even strollers, preferring to see my baby’s face and any cues she was giving about her emotional state. I’m only 4 weeks into baby number two so I honestly don’t know how I will feel with her when I finally work up the nerve to actually leave the house. In, out, I don’t know. There are a lot of things I said I’d never do with my first child that I find myself opening up to now that I have two. Forward facing out is an option for older babies (6+ months) who are curious about the world around them and capable of handling the stimuli for short periods of time. It’ll be a while before I can even wear my newest squish this way so I can’t give a hands-on opinion of it, but I am not entirely against it and will try it if I think she’s up for it.

As for the cons, I wish it had more color options as I find the black and camel pretty boring. I worry a little about the buttons, but as they seem to be held on by some crazy new thread of insane strength so I doubt they are coming off. I even tested them a bit by pulling on them pretty hard. Unbuttoning them is kind of hard and annoying, though. Like I said before, the Velcro gives an added stability to the waist strap but it is loud and not as easy to take off/put on with a sleeping or fussy baby.

Over all I’d go straight for this carrier if I knew I was going to be wearing for quite a while and need something that’s going to do most of the work for me and also something that can switch easily between my husband and I. It seems like a work horse and I can see it easily lasting many years/children which is important to me.

All in all the 360 is another quality carrier put out by a great company that truly “gets” and cares about the needs and wants of the full spectrum of baby wearers.

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