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You know those not-so-fun parent chores that you just looooove doing? The ones that make you question why you signed up for this gig in the first place. The ones that makes you realize that being a parent isn’t always doting and fabulous like you had once imagined. Yea… those moments in parenthood that really put your ability to survive into questioning. Those are the moments that we play “Not It”. It is kind of like “Slug Bug” but usually involves less adorable VW Beetles and lots more poop. It is the moments as parents we basically get to use a get-out-of-jail-free card, of sorts. Logan and I usually take one brief glance at each other and race to see who can say those magical words that excuse us out of what mishap is at hand.

Here are the most common “Not It” used situations in the De Groff House:

  • Poop- Anytime there is poop involved we both are really quick to try and get out of the stinkiest task of all. Neither one of us really mind change a poopy diaper, but boy do we both find it exhilarating to get out of that duty. This includes, but is not limited to, a butt change for Harper complete with a cloth diaper spray down all the way to cleaning up Lily’s accidents. Luckily, we have removed the animal that liked to occasionally shit all over my floor so there is a little less poop to deal with nowadays. All though since the dog’s departure Harper has been having some epic “Not It” diapers. Things that make you go HMMMMM?
  • Bedtime- Bedtime here, well it… it SUCKS. I usually get to fight with the older girls about not sitting on the toilet to drip dry, brushing teeth, last drink and many more ridiculous things they come up with while Logan gets Harper to sleep. Once they are finally in bed I have to sit on the couch for a while just to make sure Templeton doesn’t scurry around. Sounds pretty easy right? A good 3 out of 7 days it goes that easily, then there is the rest of the week. Lily is shifty. She waits until we are down stairs trying to get settled and ready for bed before she drops the bomb. She comes down asking for a bear. A kiss. To fix her bed. Her bed is scary. She doesn’t like it. Her butt is itchy (yes… yes this happens). This is when the “Not It”s go flying. There is a lot of carrying upstairs, re-tucking in, kissing good nights, rinse and repeating until there can be any peace and quiet.
  • Family Events- Riley and Lily are the oldest of all the cousins/grandchildren/nieces, etc. There is plenty of times when they are the only children at an all-adult family function. This requires lots of “helicopter” parenting and chasing around. This also means that we are more worried that they are entertained and behaving then we are about having a good time. The even best part of said family event is when the dreaded MELT DOWN happens. Which parent got to deal with the tantrum throwing child usually depends on whose family’s event we are attending. If it is my family, he deals and vice versa. That was before other littles started popping up. Now that our oldest two have little minions to boss around play with, we have been able to sit back and relax a bit. When one or more of our lovely little dears start getting a little cray then we pull out the “Not It” card.

Now there is a few standard “Not It” situations that are just a given for one parent to deal with. A perfect example of this is Riley’s new found obsession over her period. She seems to be so impatiently awaiting the arrival of Aunt Flow, this brings on a lot of questions and assumptions. That is something I take the lead in. Logan is not uncomfortable about the facts of life, we just kind of thought it was a bit more appropriate for me to field this subject. Breastfeeding is also one of his permanent “Not It”s, but trust me it was not for the lack of trying on my end. He just could not be convinced that he should try to help me out in the department (just kidding…kind of). Logan on-the-other hand takes on the challenge of bath time. He bathes and dresses the two younger girls for bed every night. It is my set “Not It” plus it gives him the ability to have some quality time while being a hands on dad.

I love my children. I would do ANYTHING for them. Sometimes that just wipes me out and I am blessed to have a partner that will help pick up my slack. I have his back and he has mine and somehow, just somehow, we make a really solid team. What are some of “Not It”s in your house?


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  1. Heather P. -  March 18, 2013 - 11:59 am

    Love this post…shows we are all human and want our own “not it” moments. DH has really taken on full time Daddy to DS since DD has arrived and is attached to me. During the day while he is at work it of course is all me, but when he is home he takes over and is a wonderful Daddy. So our “not it” moments are pretty set for now…

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