October Baby Update

A Little Update on Our Babies

Name: Jessica
Baby Name: Clara
Age: One year
Height: 27.4 inches
Weight: 17.8 lbs
Hair: Brown, curly
Eyes: Hazel
Clothing Size: 12 month
Shoe Size: 3
Teeth: 4 incisors and one on the way
Eating habits: This girl eats everything and a lot of it!
Communication: mama, dada, waves, blows kisses, claps, and even snorts when she laughs hard
Movement: just took her first step a few days ago.

Baby Name: Cormac
Age: One year
Height: 28 inches
Weight: 14.9 lbs
Hair: Straight, blond, about to be cut.
Eyes: Blue
Clothing Size: 12 month
Shoe Size: 3
Teeth: 6 incisors and two premolars on the way
Eating habits: picky boy nibbles on most things, but loves cheese, applesauce, butter, and yogurt
Communication: mama, dada, some mimicking, waves, blows kisses, claps
Movement: excellent crawler, starting to stand unassisted.

Name: Kelli
Baby Name: Adele
Age: 20 months
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Hair: Strawberry blond, with little flippy curls on the ends of the back but stick straight in the front.
Eyes: Blue
Clothing: 18 months
Shoe Size: Tiny
Teeth: A lot. (I’m not sure and she’s asleep right now, but she’s cut two or three new teeth lately)
Eating Habits: She still nurses a LOT. Probably 5-7 times during the day, and 2-6ish times at night. She has finally been eating more food though, which is exciting! Current favorite include: greek yogurt, steak, mashed potatoes, apples, bananas, steel cut oats, and ice cream.
Communication: More talking happening lately. She still doesn’t really put two words together, and definitely no sentences, but she frequently says quite a few words. She always shouts “Daddy!” when Daddy gets home, asks for Mimi (to nurse) as well as still signs milk, signs all done and says “duh”, says all family members names in her own funny way, etc. She loves to shout “shoes!” whenever she spots someone with shoes on.
Movement: Still a lot of dancing. It has evolved to include a variation of tap dancing/irish jig movements and wave-like hand motions. It’s quite hilarious.

Name: Xza
Baby Name: Atticus
Age: 11 months old (30th)
Height: I’m guessing 31”
Weight: 25+ lbs
Hair: still my little ginger, but his hair is getting long and starting to curl at the back just like mama’s
Eyes: Hazel
Clothing Size: 12-18 months
Shoe Size: 4 – he has chubby feet so shoes are quite the challenge
Teeth: At least 7! I think he’s working on a few more too
Eating habits: He still prefers the boob, and the boob only. Although we made a couple big steps this month and he has started to eat a bit of banana and mango if I give him chunks to suck on. He also wasn’t completely opposed to Plum Organics Zucchini Banana and Amaranth
Communication: He still makes zombie noises and prefer to communicate through “demon speak.” He is definitely making more sounds, but not very many words. He understands very well though.
Movement: Crawls, pulls-up, climbs, crusies, loves walking while pushing something.

Name: Alyssa
Baby Name: Dexter
Age: 2 years old
Height: ?
Weight: ?
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Eyes: Blue Hazel
Clothing Size: 12-18 months
Shoe Size: ?
Teeth: All that he should have at 2
Eating Habits: Everything in site including every one elses food
Communication: He talks, yells, cries, throws tantrums like a typical terrible 2er
Movement: Run, jump, roll on the group, wrestle with his siblings, plays trains

Name: Misty
Baby Name: Elliot
Age: 18 months
Height: 28.5 inches
Weight: 23 lbs.
Hair: Dark, curly, & BIG
Eyes: Dark brown
Clothing Size: 12-18 month
Shoe Size: 4
Teeth: A mouth full
Eating habits: Never gets enough. She LOVES fruit! Fruit & peanut butter are her 2 current food favorites.
Communication: Her new word is “NO”. She also says “stop it”, “aw man”, “uh oh”, “shoes, mom”, “no ma’am”
Movement: Jumping is her big thing now. She jumps everywhere. She is also discovering tumbling.

Name: Risa
Baby Name: Harper
Age: 10 months
Height: 27.5 inches
Weight: 15.8 lbs.
Hair: Strawberry Blondish and wild
Eyes: Right eye is blue, her left eye is green
Clothing Size: 6-9 month
Shoe Size: N/A
Teeth: 6 plus more on their way
Eating habits: She eats and eats and eats. She usually eats a whole thing of yogurt every morning along with some cheerios. For lunch and dinner she has what we have and she eats right along with us. She typically will have a fruit and maybe some cheese for a snack throughout the day. She is still nursing and I think she is still doing it quite a bit. She nurses at least 5 times a day. She has learned to use her sippy cup just this past week so she has been drinking water as well.
Communication: She says ”Mama” and “Daddy” and sometimes she says “byebye”. The new thing she does that is absolutely ADORABLE is when I play peek-a-boo with her, I ask her “where’s Harper” and she answers “There she is”. It isn’t clear but you can tell that is what she is saying because she changes the inflection of her voice just like I do. She holds things up to her ear and says “Hello”. She has answered me “uh-uh” when asked if she is done nursing and her has been trying to say “stinky”. She has been waving every once and a while but mostly to herself.
Movement: She still does the one-legged army crawl. She is cruising right along using the furniture to walk. Lily took her first steps on her first Halloween so I kind of hoping Harper will too. She could walk if she really wanted to. She has been trying to climb lately and seems way too interested in the stairs.

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