A couple of posts ago I rambled talked about the epic to-do list going on in my head at all times. It really helped to get it all out and really look at it. I was able to see what was really a “need” and what wasn’t. (Yes I totally NEED a cowhide rug. Just not at the moment). Since that post I’ve made some major headway to striking some of those things of the list. For example:

My house needs scrubbed… I reached out to my super awesome sister-in-law and asked for a favor. She is going to watch my two youngest tornadoes while the oldest is at school. This way I will get to clean in peace and the likelyhood of it staying that way, at least until the TMD girls come, is much higher.

A wall in my room needs painted… that can wait until after MommyCon.

I need a new coffee maker (so I guess daily Starbucks run is now on my to-do list)… The garage sale was a semi success and I surprised my hubby with a new keurig. We LOVE it!

I need a vitamix… I splurged and ordered it right after I posted the original rant. So. Worth. It.

I need GMOs to be labeled so grocery shopping doesn’t take 8 million years… Well Monsanto still sucks but it is getting easier to find what I need.

I need my kids to stop fighting constantly… HA!!

I also need to figure out WTF I’m doing wrong with my diaper washing that it is giving her a rash… Well I cheated a bit. I soaked my entire stash in the tub for a whole day. Then I kept her in sposies. I hate them usually but they have helped my sanity quite a bit the last two weeks. Judge me. It’s ok.

I need an extra 3 hours in the day to focus on MommyCon work. I need an extra 2 days a month to focus in TMD stuff so I’m not frantically typing up rants like this one on my phone… Well that probably won’t happen so for now I’m making besties with the WordPress app and I drink an extra glass of wine each night in front of the computer.

I need to know my marriage is on the mend after a really hard test… I am focusing on today. Today is good. So was yesterday.

I need a cowhide rug… Seriously though.

I need to find time for me. I have a gift card for a massage that is almost 2 months old…. Shit I was supposed to call yesterday!

I need an oil change on my car… I found a groupon and made it happen. Then I got an appointment scheduled to replace my windshield while I was at it. Freaking glass guys but hey here’s to multi-tasking!

I need to call and order a new lock-off for my carseat…. Oops!

See it helped just to get it out in the open and really encouraged me to start chipping away at some of these things. What are the things you do to stay motivated and not to lose faith?


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  1. Christina -  April 12, 2013 - 2:55 pm

    Can I ask why you want a cow hide rug? Just curious

  2. Xza -  April 12, 2013 - 9:57 pm

    This made me smile and your house is even better than I thought

  3. kimberly -  April 14, 2013 - 10:07 pm

    cow hide rug at costco 😉 not sure if they still have them but they did! lol just trying to help check one off the list

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