Resolution Schmesolution

I don’t do New Years resolutions, I’ve never been one to set myself up for failure. Which inevitably a list of typical New Years resolutions would be for me. Lose weight? Well yes I could stand to lose some weight…would I stick with something long enough to lose all the weight I’d like to? Nope not a chance in hell. I love food, I love butter, and dairy and cheese and BACON and no matter how hard I try I just can’t stick with not eating those things….daily.

Drink less coffee…..NOOOOOOOOOOO I need this nectar of the gods to survive! Maybe I can cut down, but that’s just crazy talk. Giving up Starbucks would be like cutting off my right arm. Sure I’d probably save a buttload of money, but at what cost? My sanity and my belly..that’s what cost!

Watch less TV….now that’s just insulting. Eric and Sookie and all my new friends from Orange is the New Black, they wouldn’t like to hear anyone talking like that. I could watch less trash reality TV, yeah that’s it….but Phadra and NeeNee and all my Real Housewives, who would watch their batshit craziness if not for me? The Underground Railroad people….THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD (if you don’t watch Real housewives of Atlanta that might be lost on you)!

Do more winter outdoor activities with the kids and take advantage of this beautiful snow. Great idea, if it wasn’t negative bazzilion degrees below zero with whipping winds that turn the snow into little pellets of pain. Lest we not forget that super fun layer of ice that my tailbone hates with a passion. The snow shovel and I have become quite close this winter.

Spend more time with the kids….if I spent anymore time with them I might as well surgically attach them to my hip. We live in a relativity small space for 6 people, you have to actively try to NOT be around each other and even then, your probably not going to get to pee in peace or take a shower without another person all up in your Cheerios.

Spend less money…ok this one I can really try to work on, although I can’t promise anything. I do have a serious addition to dyeing just about everything, and of course I have a weakness for anything Star Wars or Star Trek. Girl Scouts honor though, I vow to try my best to not spend all the moneyz this year on random crap.

While I don’t really do New Years resolutions I do have a few things I hope for this year

I hope MommyCon grows even more then it did last year

I hope to make even more friends with so many of the lovely women I’ve met and gotten to know because of MommyCon

I hope Mr. Squish and his friends hard work pays off

I hope my kids have a great rest of the school year (and that we don’t have to many more birthday parties to attend)

And right now I REALLY hope my pipes don’t freeze with the projected wind chill of -60 degrees here on Monday.


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