Closed: Review and giveaway: Gia breastfeeding pillow


Product: Gia breastfeeding pillow

Brand: Simplisse

Price: $39.99

For Atticus and I, breastfeeding is incredibly important. I am providing my son with the best food I can, while giving him a comfortable place to relax. And as silly as it sounds, I provide him a stress free environment that allows him to nurse as much or as little as he needs. Our nursing moments are some of my favorite and I know that Atticus agrees.


At night we side lay and nurse, but with that comfort comes the procrastination of getting out of bed as it’s just too comfy (for me). So during the day we use our Gia by Simplisse nursing pillow. It offers Atticus a cozy place to nurse and a slight angle so he doesn’t have to lay flat.



Some moms may choose to forgo a pillow and just prop up their babies with their arm, but I know that for us, a nursing pillow makes it a more comfortable experience.

What I love about the Gia in contrast to the Boppy and a regular pillow is that it has two different sides. It allows feeding at an angle which reduces the amount of burping that needs to be done.

Another great thing about the Gia is that Atticus can easily fall asleep on it. When we have used a Brestfriend and Boppy he hasn’t come close to dozing off. I think the angled side and closeness he gets from being “cradled” by the Gia really helps him doze off into slumber.

When we aren’t using the Gia for nursing I am able to use the pillow for tummy time and also for propping my little man up.


When Atticus had a stuffy nose, I propped him up in the center and let him sleep on an angle so his nose could drain out.

So why isn’t the Gia as well known as the Boppy? I really think it has to do with covers. People, and lets face it, women especially LOVE accessories. Our feeding pillow serves as another accessory and the Gia doesn’t have half as many options for cute covers as the Boppy. I use one of their covers and plan to sew up my own. Since I prefer function over fashion when it comes to my babies comfort, the Gia is still my number 1 choice.

This is a must have product to place on your registry, but before you do that, our good friends at Simplisse are sponsoring a giveaway to one lucky reader.

If you don’t win our giveaway, Simplisse is also giving away a free Gia with the purchase of a Simplisse Double Electric Breast Pump through March 15th



Now you are probably wondering what youhave to do to win your own Gia. It’s super easy and this giveaway is open to US residents only. Please leave a comment with the mandatory entries and any additional you chose to do. If your social media names are different than the posted name/email please leave that information as well. In order for us to contact you, please enter your email address in the comment form.

 The winner will be contacted on Feb 13th

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Xza Louise Higgins is the founder of MommyCon, creator of The Mommy Dialogues, and punk rock mom to two year old Atticus in the great city of Chicago, IL. She is incredibly passionate about birth options, human rights, and promoting gentle parenting practices.

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