{CLOSED} GIVEAWAY and Review: Ella’s Kitchen


Ella’s Kitchen recently sent me some of their new flavors and products to review. We are not new to Ella’s Kitchen, it was already one of our fav baby food/snack products!

Some of my favorite things about Ella’s Kitchen:

  • Their products are 100% organic
  • No added sugar, salt or water
  • No added preservatives
  • No concentrate
  • Nothing artificial
  • BPA free packaging
  • Great for kids with allergies or sensitivities. They have vegan, vegetarian, dairy free, and gluten free options

I opened the package I got in the mail in front of Brody and I hardly set the Cranberry & Acai Nibby Fingers down before they were ripped from my hands. Brody tore the package open and started begging for one of his favorite treats. They are definitely toddler approved!


Brody still loves the fruit pouches at almost 2 years old.

Ella’s Kitchen sent Banana and Raisin Nibbly Fingers, Cranberry and Acai Nibbly Fingers, Chicken Casserole Toddler Meal (Since Brody is vegetarian we will be donating this pack to our daycare), Tomato-y Pasta Toddler Meal, Thai Curry Vegetables Toddler Meal, and a Pears, Mangos and Papayas Baby Food Pouch. I love how Ella’s Kitchen has unique flavors. Brody loves food with a lot of flavor and spice. I think he’ll really enjoy the Thai Curry Vegetables.



Do you already love Ella’s Kitchen products or want to try them for the first time? Enter our GIVEAWAY to win a ten pack of food pouches from Ella’s Kitchen! YAY! 

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(Full Disclosure: I was not paid for this review. The company sent me these products. If I did not like them, I would be honest and tell you 🙂 )



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  1. Lori -  June 26, 2013 - 3:46 pm

    I’m glad a couple of these new ones are veggies-only. Just an FYI: These pouches – particularly the fruit ones – should be given sparingly. They may not have “added sugar” but they can be LOADED with sugar. Just look at the sugar content on the backs and be wary. This happens because the cooking of the ingredients removes the water and thus concentrates the sugars. So it’s not added sugar, but it sure is concentrated sugar. Also, since the baby doesn’t have to chew it, they will consume the sugar at a much faster rate, spiking their blood sugar unnaturally.
    This article is worth a read: http://www.slate.com/articles/double_x/the_kids/2013/03/pure_organic_buddyfruit_the_case_against_blended_fruit_snacks.html

  2. Emily -  June 28, 2013 - 6:04 pm

    Love that they have the full-meal pouches.

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