Review: Happy Family Food Bundle

Disclaimer: Getting an almost 3 yr old to cooperate for photos is not my life’s calling.

Karate Kid and I had the pleasure of reviewing some sweet goodies from Happy Family recently. I have to say that I enjoyed it as much as he did minus the Toddler Meal of Turkey, Vegetables and Brown Rice. He is a very picky eater so this was not a surprise to me!


We both very much enjoyed the Happy Munchies of Strawberry and Carrot! We were kind of fighting over the bag when it came time to sit down and watch some Disney Junior. As for the Yogurt and Fruit Snacks, I think we are a little past that texture stage. I liked them he did not. But they are such a wonderful option for the diaper bag if you have little ones. They are basically mess free, dissolve in little mouths and bring some peace and quiet to the table when someone needs something to occupy their mouth!


As for curbing a cookie craving, please try the Chocolate Pumpkin Best Friends Toddler Cookies… We still have these is the diaper bag and another bag in the house because Mommy and Daddy love them too. You would never know they are full of awesome ingredients! They taste like chocolate Teddy Grahams, without the junky stuff. They are an awesome way to reward with a treat without feeling guilty for letting your child eat junk food 🙂 (my kid walks around with the bag)

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We loved the Happy Baby pouches when Karate Kid was a wee one, and we tried many of the Happy Tot pouches as well. Happy Family has released some nice Morning and Yogurt Mixes since our puree days passed. And I have to say, for my picky eater I was very impressed by the taste and the fact that they passed HIS taste test. His favorites were the Blueberry, Apple and Purple Carrot Plus,  Pumpkin, Sweet Potato and Pear, and the Pomegranate, Apple and Beet Yogurt pouches. I was kind of jumping for joy and screeching on the inside because secretly I had won, he was eating veggies and he didn’t even know it. So I keep 4 different varieties in our bag at all times, and he is old enough now that I can take the cap off and pass it back while in the car! Or in the store, they really are a life saver at times!


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We also got to try the Happy Tot Toddler Bars. These were a mixed review. I think they are good, and way better ingredient list that Chewy Chocolate Chip bars, but we tried the Honey Grain Sunbutter and I think my guy just doesn’t care for honey. We  tried the Mixed Berry Crunch and he liked those. So I think there is definitely a wide enough variety for all pallets in the Toddler Bars. With baby #2 I am going to start off with these bars from the beginning of toddlerhood, and I am going to begin with the  Apple & Kale Crisp variety!


So in our house we really like the Happy Family brand. We used the Oatmeal baby cereal exclusively with Karate Kid, and it worked so well for us. He had a tough time with Brown Rice Cereal so I was happy that the Oatmeal worked so well. I made a lot of my own baby food but when I needed to travel, or just have something on the go I was always really impressed and happy with the Happy Baby and Happy Tot pouches and we were also big fans of the puffs!

So with that being said one lucky winner is going to receive a wonderful Happy Family Bundle with all the delicious product featured below! Enter the giveaway and remember to like the post on MommyCon’s FB page. And check out Happy Family Products at a MommyCon event near you 🙂

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