Sabra and Amelia’s Birth Story: VBAC Success!



On Wednesday March 5th I had my regular check up I was 37w6d. Dr did a sweep at my request and I headed home. That night I had regular contractions for over 2 hours  but they stopped when we went to bed to try and rest. Next morning, I woke with horrible back pain that didn’t let up and low abdominal cramping. I felt defeated after the night before and kinda wallowed in self pity all morning. As the day went buy I ended up losing giant chunks of my mucus plug and my back pain continued. It would ease a bit if I laid down but not much. I picked Kaelyn up at 2:20 like always and we went and visited John at work. When we went to leave he convinced me to call my OB and ask if this kind of pain was normal. Dr wanted me to come to L&D to see if it was back labor. After about an hour on the monitors showing reg contractions about 5 min apart the nurses checked me and called the dr. No one bothered to tell me where I was at just my husband.  After a bit I got blood drawn and 2 IVs and dr came in to say I’d be staying. I labored for several hours, at about 7pm dr came in and checked me again I’d thinned out to about 80% and was a 4 stretched to a 5. He broke my water and told me I had till 4 am to make progress, or I’d choose pitocin or go with the csec. They had started my epi line but I held off on meds. And just got some staydol in my IV. But within a hour the contractions where more then I could handle and I had them dose the epi. It was heaven to have that relief (ladies who deliver naturally are amazing) and the mix was perfect. I had no pain but still could move and feel pressure. At 4am I was at an 8 and fully thinned out. Dr said he would be back in a hour or two unless I was experiencing the intense need to have a BM. Well after about 30min I was feeling insane vaginally pressure and told the nurse she checked me and said I was ready to go. She went and got my dr and he had me try a couple pushes and said we where good to go. So they got everything all ready and dr had me pushing when I felt like I needed to, but ended up stopping me cause it was going pretty fast. He had me sit up, and coached me pushing and tried to keep me from tearing. Despite massaging and trying to help me stretch I started to tear, so he performed an episiotomy and 2 pushes later I delivered her head! He then offered me the chance to reach down and “deliver” her myself! Which was so amazing!! I’ll never forget it! Amelia Josephine Barbaria joined us March 7th at 5:19am. At 7lbs 6.2oz and 20″ long. I got to hold her whileJohn cut the cord, I got my stitches, And delivered the placenta. Then they weighed and measured her and brought her back so I could nurse her and do skin to skin. Truly the most amazing thing I’ve ever done. And I was so relieved I was able to have a VBAC.


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