Scootababy Hip Carrier {Review}

Disclaimer: These pictures were taken with a iPhone- sorry about the quality.

I had the pleasure of giving the Scootababy hip carrier a trial run last month. The carriers that I currently own are all front/back carriers, so trying out a hib carrier was quite a treat. The first time I put Elliot in it, she LOVED it. She was all smiles. It took a few times to get her used to the Babyhawk, but she took to the Scootababy right from the get-go.

I ordered the Scootababy from Heavenly Hold. It is one of my favorite baby carrier sites. Amber at Heavenly Hold is a doll & so easy to work with. They offer a trial program where you can test run a carrier for 2 weeks, then return it…no questions asked. Perfect for anyone who is trying to decide between a few carriers.

I asked my sister if she would be willing to try out the carrier with her 9 month old son, Blitz, so that I can get another opinion.  She also agreed to letting me follow her around the mall while snapping pictures with my phone while everyone watched & wondered what my problem was. Love that girl! (It’s ok to hate her because she looks amazing…I sure do!)

Liz said that the carrier was very comfortable to wear. I do agree with her that the shoulder panel takes a little getting used to, but after awhile you hardly notice that it’s there. We both loved wearing it. I used it the next day while cleaning & running errands. When I needed to use the restroom, it was easy to slide Elliot to my back, then slide her right back when I was finished. The clips & adjustable strap give the carrier a secure tight fit, so there is no worrying that baby will slide down or come unstrapped.

There is a ton of padding on this carrier & the stitching is very well done. It is a very strong carrier, holding up to 37 lbs. It is very well made & great quality fabric. The waist is wide & adjustable. The waist strap is padded & places the baby’s weight on your hips. It is VERY easy to get baby in & out of it.

I loved using this carrier. More impartantly, Elliot & Blitz loved it. They were both very happy while being in it. Carrying a child on the hips is natural & the Scootababy feels just as natural. You & baby stay face to face & your hands are free. You are able to do both a front & back carry with the Scootababy, but it is to be used mainly as a hip carrier.

The Scootababy is worth the investment. This is quite simply the perfect carrier!

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