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snow bunny

This past weekend I took a weekend trip to Prescott, Arizona with my grandmother. If any of you are from AZ or have ever visited then you know Arizona has so many really beautiful places to visit. I live in the valley but within a few short hours I can be somewhere completely beautiful and different. Up in the mountains there are trees, wild life and energy that is not quite comparable to home. The reason behind my trip was to go learn about and support GMO Free Prescott. That is another series of blogs for other posts though.


We stayed with my grandmother’s friend that has a house and land a few miles out of town. We got an amazing view of the snow dusted mountains. She is building a medicine wheel in her backyard and it is quite the sight to be seen. I was experiencing horrible sinus pressure but as soon as I stepped foot in the wheel it was gone. It was a wonderful start to my trip. She had lots of new stuff for Harper to get into  explore  but her favorite thing was the fish tank. She loved watching them swim around in the tank.


The next morning we woke up and went to the first part of our seminar (the speaker’s seminar) and I quickly realized that maybe leaving Harper would have been a better idea. Luckily, I was able to pull out as much information as possible while doing the mama sway in the back while she snoozed in the Onya Baby.


After the class was over we went to local health food store for a very yummy, organic lunch. We looked around at all the organic goodness and headed back to our friends.


There we played with the 3 doggies and the fish, attempted (and failed) a nap, then went to have dinner at the Raven. If you ever get the chance to visit Prescott, dining there is a MUST. They have all local and organic food on their menu and the sweet potato fries are to die for. Once dinner was done we headed to second part of our non GMO learning adventures. We were able to watch a eye-opening presentation from Jeffrey Smith and head back for the night.


Prescott has elevation of 5,368.23 feet. So, needless to say, it is a LOT higher then what we are used to. It is also lots colder and windier most times. I was really hoping that we would get just a bit of snow so I could introduce it to Harper. That night we both fall asleep quickly and slept much better then the night before. I woke up and sure enough there was some snow on the ground!


I waited a bit for it to warm up and layered up the baby and took her out to play. Most of it was already melted but there was a large patch that would do the trick. She walked around in it for just a bit then the wind got to blowing and she seemed a lot less interested. I even put some in my hand for her to grab and she wanted no part in that. While she did not care about the icy white goodness before her I thought she looked absolutely adorable all dressed up like a snow bunny.

IMG_1617 IMG_1619

We got home early evening yesterday to the rest of the family. The house was spotless and Logan finished painting the rest of our interiors walls (this has been a long 9 month process!) It was so nice to be home but I can say that this trip changed my life. I will always look back at this weekend as a very importnat time in my life and I will remember the first time my little baby got to see snow.

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  1. erin -  February 25, 2013 - 4:46 pm

    I am so glad you had a good time!! Harpers next visit to snow will be much different I’m sure and…you’re right, she looks adorable:)

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