Some women are dripping with diamonds…

Some women are dripping with pearls
Lucky me! Lucky me!
Look at what I’m dripping with…
Little girls


I have three girls… THREE GIRLS! Those three girls consist of a Riley, an Eliott “Lily”, and a Harper. This means there is a lot of princess crap and high-pitched screaming in my house. It is not odd to find some art-making device shoved in the couch cushions or a random hair tie lying around. Oh and the clothes… let’s not even get started on the clothes or the many outfit changes Lily goes through on a daily basis.  To say life in our house is interesting would be an understatement.

What makes it all even more interesting is that not only do we have all girls, BUT the next generation of our family is starting off all girls as well. My brother has a little girl, Logan’s brother and cousin both have a little girl each, and my sister-in-law is expecting in January (won’t be surprised to hear that she is having one too). Therefore, any family event is full of lots of little girls. It is a sight to be seen.

Since my girls are younger, it doesn’t seem so overwhelming to have three of the same gendered kids in the house. it is easy actually. The older two  fight over play together with most of the same toys. Riley’s baby books turned into Lily’s and now into Harper’s. They are really hard on their clothing and I don’t really buy them more than they need so not too many pieces got passed down. Lily and Riley practically have the same waist size, so now Rye’s too-short pants become Lily’s a-little-bit-long pants.  There are lots of dress-up clothes from Halloweens past and Barbies that are shared. It works for now. The older two share a room and that has caused some good and some bad. Lily just does better with someone in with her. Harper was the original candidate for that role, but since she seems to have a hard time transitioning (read about that HERE and HERE), it only made sense to put her in with Rye. They are learning to share more and play together better. I figured it would either make them closer or they would kill each other. So far, they are getting closer and fighting less. Most times. Harper being added into the mix has been natural and fluid. She is crawling now and trying so hard to learn to walk. She wants to be where they are all the time. She crawls into their room and just watches them play. I think she is just yearning to join in. She absolutely adores Riley. Riley can always make her laugh and smile. Lily adores Riley too. She is her very best friend. She fusses every morning when the bus picks Riley up for school. When Riley is due home from a weekend at her dad’s, Lily is just so excited to see her.  Riley has a bit more of a struggle to adjust to being a sibling. After all, she is the only one who has ever been an only child. Since there is a five-year age gap between her and Eliott, she has a very clear memory of life before sisters.

The dynamic in my house is not necessarily typical, because Riley does go to her dad’s every other weekend. So there is not really a steady vibe that happens on our down time. We try to do more around the house and get errands done when Riley is at her dad’s so she isn’t missing out of “fun” stuff. We do try to do make sure to do some “fun” stuff with just Lily though. Riley doesn’t get much alone time with just us, but that is something we are working on. Overall, it can be hectic. When it is homework, dinner, bed , clean-up, or nursing time, it is extremely hectic. Even with a routine, it can sometimes seems like a whirlwind. When people are here visiting, you can see their facial expressions change and they lean back a bit in amazement. It is kind of funny to watch people’s reactions to our form of normal.

As the girls get older, I know it will change. The thought of the hormones alone is FRIGHTENING. I am not really looking forward to sex talks and tampons, but they are facts of life. I am hoping that it will be easier than I think since they will all be able to relate to each other and have each other for support. Logan and I are really freaking scared for the teenage years though. I am sure most parents are… teenagers are scary, Three teenage girls is down right terrifying.

They are all just so different and so unique, it exciting to see how they will develop and flourish. Riley is the sensitive one, Lily is sass on legs, and Harper seems to be smack dab in the middle of those two personalities. They are a perfect balance for each other. They are messy, emotional, playful, beautiful little girls. My little girls.

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  1. Amanda perry -  August 19, 2012 - 7:00 am

    You just described my house almost to a t and the only thing missing is my third girl wont be here till november. We have the same issue with ariel going to her dads, we trying to clean and cuddle with lia those weekends, naptimes for lia are when i make sure to give ariel her one on one time. Plus jason and i both go on mommy daughter and daddy daughter dates with her. Usually just on a quick trip but shes only 4 so its fun for her. 🙂 i love reading your stuff 🙂

  2. Heather P. -  August 19, 2012 - 10:21 am

    🙂 Three beautiful girls! They will always have each other. I can’t imagine what the teen years will be like. Good luck! 😉

  3. erin -  August 20, 2012 - 11:18 am

    They are 3 of the most well rounded girls I have ever had the pleasure to be around!! I think “Mom & Dad” are doing a wonderful job at splitting up attention between all 3!! That is a task in itself! Keep up the good work and they are going to produce (in due time) a fantastic new generation…. warms my heart to know they will be our future:) Gotta love those gingers:)

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