Our Summer Bucket List


This weekend we will watch fireworks from the hood of our car like we have done for the past few years. Now that we are officially in July I feel like I need to get going on our Summer Bucket List.  I saw one on Pinterest and it inspired me to create one for my family. Some things we already do frequently but it’s still important to do those along with some new, fun things. My husband works a lot in the summer so we have some weekend trips along with some daily fun.

-Build a sand castle (This should be easy for us as we live on a lake with a beach).

-Creek stomping and hunting for crawdads (This involves taking a trip to the local nature preserve which we love doing).

-Herb harvesting (We have a local herb garden down the road that I have been wanting to check out for ages).

-Camp in the back yard (Because I have a 5 year old and all 5 year olds think that is awesome!)

-Make mud pies (I seriously love the idea of having a mud hole in my back yard for the kids to play in).

-Build windchimes out of sticks (We’ve been meaning to do this for a couple of months).



-Make tie dye shirts! (Bella has found a love for tie dye, and I will not hold her back on that!)

-Catch lightening bugs (and let them go again).

-Build a fairy house (and a cute little garden for them).



-Make pinecone birdfeeders (The squirrels will probably steal them).

-Go on a boat ride.

-Beat the hubby at putt putt golf!

-Trip to the zoo.

-Trip to the Children’s Museum on a rainy day.

-Go to a movie at the drive-in

-Visit a water park

-Teach Bella to swim

-Have Owen out of diapers!

I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t get this all done. We have a SUPER busy summer and you know how time slips through your fingers like water, but we’re going to do our best. What’s on your bucket list for the summer?

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