The Joovy Scooter X2

Product: Scooter X2 double stroller
Brand: Joovy
Where to buy: Bed Bath & Beyond
Price: $199


I read a ton of reviews on double strollers before finally settling on the Joovy X2. It seemed to have a bunch of features I was looking for and we were comfortable with the price. I really had my heart set on a Phil and Teds double stroller but with a price tag of $650 and Christmas shopping still needing to be done, I kept looking and came across the Joovy X2.

I looked around and found it for $199.00 + free shipping! So it came out to $217.50 total with tax. Not too shabby, huh? Here are the details:


  • Weight- 28.1 pounds.
  • Holds kids up to 45 pounds per side, for a total weight limit of 90 pounds.
  • Folded dimensions- height 17”, width 30”, depth 37”.
  • Unfolded dimensions- height 40”, width 30”, depth 32”.


I like the way it looks! It is well made, it does not come assembled but all you need to do is attach the wheels and the instructions are easy to read. The canopy is very large, it folds down in two sections and provides a lot of protection from the sun, we live at the beach so this was important to me. It has a peekaboo window so I can easily check on the kids even with the canopy down. It also has a removable lap bar to make getting your children in and out easier.

Folding and Unfolding
I have never owned a double stroller and wasn’t sure how it would fold and unfold. It is VERY easy to fold this stroller. You just grip the middle handle and twist forward and it collapses. VIOLA! It fits in the back of our Volvo wagon with room to spare for groceries.

The Joovy X2 has two individually reclining seats, a great feature. It is nice to be able to individually recline whichever child is sleeping and let the other sit up and look around.

As I said before, this is my 1st double stroller, I have always seem moms out with them and I wondered how in the heck they fit through any doorway. This stroller is 30″ and does fit through doorways, sometimes it is a tight squeeze though.

Lets talk about storage. Always an important thing when you have two or more little ones with you. The Joovy X2 has an awesome amount of storage! The baskets underneath are massive and it comes with two built in water bottle holders under the handle bar as well as two zippered storage compartments. The storage basket is large enough for blankets, toys, a diaper bag and I am usually lugging around my camera. IT ALL FITS!!

The brakes are nice on this stroller, very easy to use. You just push down on the long bar to engage the brake, lift the bar with your foot to disengage.


I am not thrilled with the wheels on the Joovy, they are rather small and sometimes turning can be difficult. That being said, this stroller is more suited to taking strolls around town and the store. I was hoping it would be a little more rugged for beach life and handle sand a bit better BUT I am saving my pennies for the Joovy Cocoon X2 which is supposed to handle sand and the beach like a breeze.

Brake Bar
If you are tall your feet may hit the brake bar while walking. I am 5’8″ and my husband is 6’2″ so we have both noticed that occasionally while walking your feet bump the bar, it doesn’t happen enough for it to be a huge problem and if you are shorter I don’t think it would happen at all. I would also like to see a telescoping handle bar that adjusts height.


The Joovy X2 is a great double stroller, awesome storage capacity and it looks nice. I have had a few moms ask me about it while we are out at the park. And of course you cannot beat the price!

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