TMD Summer Guide: Babywearing

What: Boba Wrap
Price: $48-$65
Stars: 4 out of 5
How it worked: We are big fans of this stretch wrap at TMD. We have reviewed it before and are firm believers that for a stretch wrap, this is one of the most supportive wraps on the market. It offers a slightly thinner, but somehow sturdier fabric than the Moby and is available in organic fibers. We like this carrier for small babies and think that even in the summer heat, it can be a great choice

Boba - Baby Carrier
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What: Premium Kamika Water Wrap
Price: $39
Stars: 4 out of 5
How it worked: The Premium Kamika Water Wrap is a water safe baby wearing device made of a fast drying, non-piling, breathable and odor resistant fabric that has been treated by the Chitosan method. It is UPF 50+ which means you and your baby are protected from the suns rays. It is non-toxic and completely environmentally friendly treatment made form shrimp and crab shells. The treatment allows the fabric to wick away moisture keeping you and baby cozy. I don’t really swim much but I was really wanting something to use in the shower. When the wrap arrived I was most excited by how lightweight it is so I decided I would try using it out of the water but in the hot sun. The first couple times I tried using it just as I did my moby (folded width wise) and it really didn’t seem to feel tight enough. I decided to try to just bunch the fabric a little and it worked WONDERS! The wrap proved to be really secure and it was perfect to use at the girls’ soccer games in 100 degree weather. I am sure this wrap will be getting lots of use over the summer. This past weekend when we took Harper for her first pool experience I did put her in the wrap after she got out of the water. Although it was a tad trickier to get her into the wrap while wet I have to say that when it is wet it gets even tighter which I was a little concerned about. I have not gotten in any water with it quite yet but I feel that it would be 100% safe. The wrap is good for babies up to 25 lbs.

What: Basic Kamika Water Wrap
Price: $30
Stars: 5 out of 5
How it worked: The Kamika Water Wrap is pretty amazing. As Risa mentioned, it’s great for hot days, but when used in water it is an amazing carrier. Atticus and I went swimming at our local YMCA (no photos allowed, darn!) the other day and used the Basic Kamika Water Wrap. Atticus is a large baby, a bit over 20 lbs and 28” tall and I felt the carrier was very supportive, especially for having a bit of stretch to it. Like the premium wrap Risa used, it is very lightweight and made of mesh. You can use it in the pool, on the beach, while showering and in hot weather. It’s good from birth up until 30 lbs and I only wish I had this wrap sooner! Luckily Atticus was born in the winter so we didn’t need a lightweight wrap, but when we to Palm Springs, CA in February it would have come in really handy!

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What: Didymos Linen Wraps
Price: $127.00-$200.00
Stars: 5 out of 5
How it worked: Linen wraps aren’t for everyone, but the Didymos woven wraps in linen allow you a very lightweight woven wrap that will keep you cool in even the hottest heat. The wrap allows you to wear your baby in a variety of carries and not just a front carry like a stretch or mesh wrap. While the qualities of a linen wrap are that it’s lightweight, Alyssa notes that she isn’t fond of linen wraps, because they never get extremely soft, they will always have a rougher, more rigid quality to them.

Didymos Wraps are available here

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