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I’m one of those moms who decided that babywearing was queen and I was going to skip the infant car seat and jump right in to a convertible. I wanted my baby close to me at all times, and with the growing size of my baby carrier stash, it was totally feasible. Instead of toting around a baby bucket, I wore my baby k’tan constantly when Penny was a newborn, and it was seriously simple. I would put the carrier around myself before getting in the car, and then I would just slide her inside the fabric in two seconds flat when I would arrive at a destination. Problem solved, right?


You see, I had no crappy weather planning in place. It would rain and I would struggle to cover baby up all the way, and we would dash as fast as we could to shelter.
When you have 3 kids and you are responsible for getting them all to safety in a storm, keeping everyone dry in a downpour is next to impossible. Until now.

Meet Together Gear! Together Gear created an epic Mama Baby Poncho created just for babywearing. If you babywear and it rains where you live, this is for you.


This poncho is one size fits most, so you can easily say farewell to your husband’s giant old jacket, (I’m glad to be rid of my hubby’s old band hoodies) and say farewell to a bulky umbrella that takes up one of your hands that babywearing is supposed to free. It has a hood for you, lined with warm microfiber fleece, and a little strap that closes under your chin so that you stay warm and everything stays in place.


There is a generous opening in the front of the poncho where baby fits nicely inside. If you aren’t babywearing, it zips all the way up, so it isn’t ONLY for when you wear baby.


Do you ride a bicycle? There are awesome little thumb loops that hold the poncho up when you are riding. They are also good for holding onto a stroller while you push it so that the poncho isn’t in the way. There are even reflectors on the bottom of the poncho so that you stay visible and safe. (Of course, while wearing your baby, we don’t recommend riding a bike.)


One of the great things about this poncho is that unlike some other babywearing jackets, you can wear practically ANY type of carrier underneath with the ability to get in and out of the Poncho easily. You can wrap. You can use asian carriers. You can use a stretchy. You can use an SSC. Since your arms are free, you are not restricted, the front zipper is generous and it is easy to remove the little one if you need to suddenly. I had it on and my little one got fussy and I was able to remove her without taking everything off, in an instant.

So lets say it’s raining, and you put on your little one, toss the poncho over your head, put your hood up. Baby still needs head protection, so all you do is unzip the front pocket and voila! a removable baby hood! It has a matching chin strap like mama’s hood, and almost a mini superhero cape attached, to keep the back of baby and the carrier nice and warm and dry. The baby hood is also lined with a soft microfiber fleece. You can see in the photo below, it has buttons on the bottom of the cape that click in to the interior of the pocket, so you can either store it there, or make sure it stays secure when being worn.


I will note that the first few times I wore my Together Gear Mama Baby Poncho, Penny was about 4 months old. She was still pretty tiny, and the hood was a little big for her. She kept wanting to turn her head to see around and it didn’t stay in place as well as I would have liked. Now that she is older and has grown, it stays on a lot better.


This hood is fought for by my 2 year old who thinks she is “Super Alli”. It fits her nicely and if you’re wearing a walker in the poncho, being able to leave the hood on your toddler in the rain when they are walking around is an awesome extra bonus. A+ for this innovation! (She is a hot mess today. That’s because we are busy having fun! Baths will come later.)


Some other features:

Obviously it is waterproof. I know, Captain Obvious here, but you need to know that it does a great job at keeping me and Penny dry. When I took photos, I sat a nudist baby on top of it thinking a few seconds would be safe. I bet you can guess what happened… and the poncho passed with flying colors!

TMI photo.. if you can spot it!


It comes in 3 colors, Licorice, Lagoon and Poppy.

It has a handwarmer pocket, which is great! Although the Poncho is meant for wet weather and not necessarily snowy Colorado weather, it is a great shell if you wear warm layers underneath. The handwarmer pocket is ideal for this.

It has a little elastic soft “shelf” underneath the bottom edge. It helps to keep baby legs warm and inside the poncho, or to keep your hands covered while pushing a stroller, the shopping cart back into the corral at the grocery store (I totally do this, those carts are chilly in winter!), or again, the bicycle.

There are holes in the side of the poncho for your arms to come out of, making everything easier to access instead of dealing with a whopping amount of fabric to push out of your way.

For some real life experience:

For my 5th anniversary with my husband, we went back to a nostalgic time in our lives where music was everything and nothing else mattered. We bought tickets to RiotFest in Denver, and decided it would be a great idea to camp out over the weekend.. ¬†with my little brother, his friends and some of our friends. Since I’m breastfeeding, I didn’t want to be away too long from the peanut, so we brought her for a large portion of the event. She wore adorable and functional baby ear protection, and since the weather forecast called for rain when we would be outdoors all day, I brought along a baby carrier and our Together Gear Mama Baby Poncho.

Good thing I had it, because it POURED.

Check out how dry and sleepy and comfortable Penelope is in this thing! I stayed dry too! It was fabulous. (Excuse the not-so-little brother and his uncle juice.)


For any mom who babywears on a daily basis, this product is an essential. Whether you go to outdoor festivals, cheer on older siblings at soccer games like we do, or like to head out to your local football stadium, for any mom who babywears on a frequent basis, this product is an essential. The only slight issue I have with it is that when the baby hood is attached, if little one tries to turn their head the hood stays put so it can cover their face a little. It isn’t really a big deal, and other than that, the Together Gear Mama Baby Poncho is as close to perfect as a wet weather jacket can be. Overall, if you’re looking for a super awesome weather-proof shell, you’re going to be happy with the Together Gear Mama Baby Poncho!

You can purchase the Together Gear Mama Baby Poncho from for $189. Because I truly love this product, I have a special code for you for $10 off that is good until December 25th. Just type in “laneylovesit” for your discount at!

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*This review is truthful and not biased. I was not compensated for this review, but I was given a poncho to try out. If I didn’t like it, you would know.

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