Updates and Floodgates


It has been a while since my last post, and as much as I feel like nothing has happened, so much really has.
We last left off at Atticus’ abrupt self weaning. He was evidently ready before his little mother, and he has not looked back. He is as cuddly as ever, and he has transitioned really well. I’ve come to accept our nursing relationship ending, and I’m doing just fine. I guess I really don’t have a choice in the matter, so doing fine is alright with me.
While I still pump a couple times per day, I am no longer producing much. I get a few ounces here and there, but leftie has just about stopped producing entirely. I don’t know why I didn’t head the warnings, but post-nursing boobs are sure an interesting spectacle.
At first I was happy that they were still somewhat perky, and then after a week, I was wondering if I would have anything left. I kid you not, I went from a 32DD to a small B in three weeks. #iwantmyboobsback has an entirely different meaning this week.
I have a bit of mommy guilt over our weaning journey, because between returning from MommyCon Philly and getting to Chicago, Atticus came down with a nasty bug that landed him the hospital for three days. I know there was nothing I could have done to prevent it, but I still feel like he would not have got sick if he had more immunities from my milk.
He is feisty and sweet these days. Super energetic, and is my little love bug. Having a toddler is such an adventure, I can’t wait to be able to sit down and share our summer photo recap with you.
As the summer ends, we are one month closer to his second birthday (something I am NOT ready for), but I look forward to our new adventuress.

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Xza Louise Higgins is the founder of MommyCon, creator of The Mommy Dialogues, and punk rock mom to two year old Atticus in the great city of Chicago, IL. She is incredibly passionate about birth options, human rights, and promoting gentle parenting practices.

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