We are one!

There is something so wonderful and warm about being at Mommycon. It feels so good to see all of the hard work we put into each event behind the scenes come to fruition. The best part is the temporary bubble of community it provides.

We exploded downtown Philadelphia with mommies and babies. It was like the streets were ours. I had my Penny in a Mei Tai, which I recently mastered nursing in, and she happily ate as we walked around town. We would pass other babywearing mamas on the sidewalks or in the hallway of the hotel & smile at each other, knowing that we were in the area for the same purpose.

There is such a freedom when you feel like you belong. Whether it’s to a group or a cause or whatever, even seeing a brief encouraging smile from one other person who “gets it” can make a huge difference in your confidence.

This, my friends, is my favorite thing about MommyCon. This is why Xza works so hard to bring this conference to so many cities. This is for the moms. This is even for for me.

MommyCon gave me the courage to nurse whenever my baby communicated that she needed to, no matter where we were. Philly was a refresher- and it was oh so good! It inspired me to really fight for moms who are going against the grain and instinctually parenting their babies.

After MCPhilly, I went to the mall in Baltimore, and saw a young mom trying to nurse in a carrier. I normally keep quiet with strangers but I walked up to her, told her I liked her carrier and told her how awesome it was that she was nursing & babywearing. She beamed, asked me some questions that I answered the best I could & went on my way.

I saw another mom babywearing in an ergo with two other young kids at the airport & I stopped her too to say how sweet it was that she was babywearing and to chat for a brief moment.

It felt good to take on the role of encourager. I didn’t expect to be the one encouraged when our plane was delayed, Penny got fussy & mommy got frazzled. I normally sit in the back of the plane to be less conspicuous and more “friendly” to the grumpier passengers who always seem to sit in the front of the plane. I started walking back when a loud voice rings out, “I’m not afraid of babies if you want to sit by me!” I turn & look at a beautiful mommy who then proceeds to tell me how she babywears, co-sleeps & cloth diapers her two year old, works for whole foods and just totally got who I was by how I looked. I sat with her and we talked the whole flight, I nursed and wasn’t uncomfortable at all, and we had a great trip that went by almost too fast.

Fellow moms, I hope you will do the same. After MommyCon the bubble pops and we all go our own ways, but let’s keep extending out into the community. Give the nursing mom on a park bench a knowing smile, a good job, an encouraging word if she looks frazzled. Talk to moms on planes. Throw a thumbs up to a mama wearing her toddler at the grocery store. It will help her to keep going forward. We may not all know each other but we are a part of a community that needs each other, so please help me to pass it on!


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