We Can’t Afford Enemies

I try really hard not to talk bad about anyone. It has been done to me so many times in my life so I really just don’t want to do it. Lately I am around a lot of it. My heart is hurting. I really just feel sad and bummed out that grown adults act like middle school students. In this world where everyone has to fight to stay ahead, fight to float, fight to make it in the world, we do better in teams than alone, but we seem to be picking each other off, one by one.

This post is short, but serious.

Mamas. We NEED community. So stop beating other people down to lift yourself up. We need to EMPOWER each other, and not just to each other’s faces, but behind each other’s backs too. We already face so much adversity, we can at least love on those around us. And truly loving on them doesn’t just mean when it is convenient for you or when you get something out of it. Please really pause and think about how you are treating people behind their backs. I have been around too many ugly conversations lately and I’m over it.

My friendĀ  told me last night that she thinks that it seems like when someone bitches with someone else, it’s like a bonding experience. It is easy to make a friend if you have a common enemy. I totally agree with it. The problem is that while you make a friend, you also make an enemy out of someone you probably honestly like in one aspect or another, someone who is worth being friends with.

This week, let’s all try really hard to be honest with the friends around us. We can’t afford enemies, we truly just need support.

I love all of you readers!




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